Sales target and marketing graphic

What Is the Optimum Marketing Spend?

Do you worry that you’re spending too much on marketing? Or do you fear that you’re spending too little? If like me you own a business, or if you’re a marketing professional, you probably do a little of both. What’s the best way to think about this problem? Here’s one approach. In the chart above,…

mobile video marketing

Mobile Video is Here. Is Your Video Ready for 2017?

In 2016, mobile video finally became the most popular way people watch online content. Get your video marketing ready for 2017 with these mobile video tips.


Friday Roundup: Instagram Resumes & E-Learning Animation

All the week’s best animation news, pop culture, and video marketing content. Why animated explainer videos work for e learning and a great Instagram resume

A Still: The Mandalay in Vegas

Going to Vegas: A Video Party Invite

Usually our Pick of the Week features animation from filmmakers around the world, and that will continue to be the case. We love all animation, not just our own! However, we want to show you some of our work occasionally too. And since we’re in the party season, we thought you might enjoy this party…