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5 Great Explainer Videos that Don’t Say a Word

Here at IdeaRocket, we take explainer-video voiceover pretty seriously. The right accent, inflection, and tone always add something immeasurable to an explainer, and when we hear the perfect voice that matches an animation, it’s a magic moment. But. Sometimes, the best explanation is better left unsaid. Explainer videos are a fundamentally visual medium, and while we…

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Half of Viral Video Shares Happen After the First Week

Roughly half (42%) of viral video shares happen within the first week of publication. In 2012, Unruly Media studied the 200 most shared videos and found that “peak social shares” – roughly 10% of the total – happen on day two, and that 25% of shares happen within the first three days. Just look at that…

Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words infographic

A Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words… Interesting Stats

I’ve heard this surprising video marketing stat thrown around lately, and while it’s a fun way to capture the power of video, a lot of marketers are using it as a concrete valuation of a video’s worth. I’m not convinced, so I took a look at where it comes from, and just how accurate it is. The…

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80% of Executives Watch Animated Business Video. Every Week.

In 2009, Forbes Insights, in association with Google, surveyed over 300 C-level and senior executives of large U.S. companies with more than $500 million in annual revenues. Their focus: how executives “approach online video as a source of business-related information.” 18 months later Forbes updated this survey – Video in the C-Suite – to track…