New York Times Olympic Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos Take Gold at Sochi

The New York Times embraced the power of explainer videos in a series launched to explain the nuances of new winter events for the Sochi Olympics.

Wistia Top Hat Tuesdays

Video Marketing FAIL – You Can Too!

I love Wistia. Even when they screw up video marketing, they somehow manage to do it right. Thanks for the candor and analysis, guys. I’m looking forward to your next failure.

Sumry Resume

A Resume IS Content Marketing, Silly

Content marketers do one thing – create great content. That’s it. So if you can’t interest me in a subject as important as your job search, I know you don’t have what it takes to make lima beans “go viral.”

Face Palm Statue

Content Marketing is Stupid. Make Something Better.

Content marketing is stupid. If you try a little harder, you’ll be surprised by how many people – and search algorithms – agree.