animated video production

Why I Didn’t Watch Your Video: It’s Way Too Long

Length matters. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Thankfully, when it comes to animated video production, shorter is better. Wistia studied millions of videos and found that the optimal length for a business video is 60 – 90 seconds. Relax. You can still make a longer animated video. If it’s good. The same study shows…

12 Principles of Animation

12 Principles of Animation: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Ever since Disney’s “Nine Old Men” revolutionized the industry in the 1930′s, animators have adhered to their 12 Principles of animation.

supplemental content You Are What You Eat

Is Your Video “Supplementary Content?” (and why it matters)

These days we expect the internet to just “get us,” and provide the exact information that we’re after when we type in vague search terms. But believe it or not, that’s tougher than it sounds. But thanks to a new Google Quality Ratings Guideline update and “supplementary content,” we might actually get what we’ve always wanted –…

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Why I Didn’t Watch Your Video: Awful Video Thumbnails (and how to fix it)

You want to watch the video below. Heck, you probably aren’t even reading this. You just scrolled down to click play. And that’s all thanks to the amazing video thumbnail. Unless you’re a National Geographic filmmaker, your videos probably won’t captivate people so easily. And that’s ok. Because… People don’t care about your video. They…