New Toongraphic on Whiteboard Animation

Although we produce animated video in a full range of styles, whiteboard animation is really where our studio made our bones. Animation studios that manage to last often have a turning point; for us, it was when we were chosen to create the show-open for the 8th season of Showtime’s hit show Weeds in the whiteboard…

Mt. Everest

How to Be a Good Video Sherpa

Are you the project manager who has been tasked with producing a video that will please a sprawling set of stakeholders? This might not be news to you, but getting the video produced might well be the easiest part of your job. The real challenge is going to be navigating the shoals of corporate politics….

Arina shabanova

2D Animation Ident for Paramount Comedy

We are big fans of this network identity spot for Paramount Comedy. This 2d animation piece is designed and animated by Moscow-based artist Arina Shabanova. It’s got a fresh, stylized, flat look, and playful sensibility. Check it out!


Whiteboard Scrawls and Doodles

One of the nice things about working with artists is that they can’t help but create, and it seems like every available surface will get covered by a drawing. This is what our whiteboard looks like right now. It was drawn by our production assistant, Phil Powers. This little mutt is one of Phil’s recurring…