INTERVIEWS WITH ANIMATORS: Michael Trikosko & Andrew Wilson

In this week’s installment, we speak with animators Michael Trikosko & Andrew Wilson, the dynamic duo behind Invisible

Header- Rapaille

PICK OF THE WEEK: Ripaille (a Gobelins Animated Short)

Have you ever looked at art from centuries ago and thought to yourself: those “simpler times” don’t look like very much fun? In Ripaille, that’s exactly what our two main characters—a pair of museum-dwellers; Ségolène and Martine—think as they observe paintings from the Middle Ages. But suddenly, much to their surprise, the art comes to life and shows them a whole other side of the Middle Ages.

Header- The Unique Powers of Whiteboard Animation

The Unique Powers of Whiteboard Animation

A couple years ago, a psychologist by the name of Richard Wiseman conducted an interesting experiment. Curious about the impact of whiteboard animation, he arranged a test of memory in which participants (there were about 1,000 total) were shown one of two video clips:

  • A live-action explainer of a complex subject
  • A whiteboard animation explainer of the same complex subject

The audio in both instances was exactly the same; so the only difference here, really, was the video format. Yet that single difference accounted for a major change. Among those who saw the whiteboard animation, there was a 15% rise in recall.  The reason for this, Wiseman believes, is “because people are simply more engaged; in order to remember something, you must attend to it in the first place.”

This ability to improve the transfer of information is remarkable, yet it’s only one of the unique powers of whiteboard animation. So today we’ll look at a few more…


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