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An Interview with NYT Senior Graphics Editor Graham Roberts

Last week, we raved about The New York Times’ latest 360 video: The Modern Olympic Games, which transported viewers back in time to some of the greatest moments in Olympic history. To learn more about how that wonderfully immersive virtual experience was crafted, we spoke with Graham Roberts, Senior Graphics Editor at The New York Times.

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The Framework of Multicultural Animation (Part 2 of 2)

Yesterday, in The Framework of Animation (Part 1 of 2), we looked at some of the key attributes of multicultural animation:

  • Identity
  • Backstory
  • Appearance
  • Content of Speech
  • Manner of Speaking

Today, in Part 2, we’ll look at five additional key attributes…

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The Framework of Multicultural Animation (Part 1 of 2)

As digital distribution changes the way that we can reach (and target) consumers, thinking about a multicultural audience has never been more important. This is one reason why animation—with its potential for global accessibility—has become an increasingly effective means of corporate communication.

But what are the key characteristics of multicultural animation? Not long ago, a couple of researchers from Stanford attempted to answer this question. And what they found was 10 qualities that provide the framework for multicultural animation…

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The Friday Round-Up (from Stop Motion Animation to Choco Tacos)

A weekly round-up of what’s happening in the worlds of animation, entertainment, technology and culture…from Stop Motion Animation to Choco Tacos