In this week’s installment, we speak with talented, recent-grad, Ying Wu…

Header- The Modern Olympic Games

PICK OF THE WEEK: The Modern Olympic Games (360 Video)

Have you been following the Olympics? Well, our PICK OF THE WEEK allows you to do more than just enjoy the 2016 Rio Games. With The Modern Olympic Games, a 360 video from The New York Times, viewers can be transported back in time to some of the most iconic Olympic moments from the past century. From Babe Didrikson’s triumphs in 1932 to the record-breaking feats of Usain Bolt in 2008. And, because of the 360-degree video format, viewers will actually feel like they are there; observing and embracing the virtual reality of these frozen, golden moments…

Woman with Mobile

Going Mobile: Character Animation in a Mobile Video World

In yesterday’s post we talked about some of the ways you can make sure that your explainer video works in a mobile format. Today we’re going to dig deeper and specifically look at how character animation can help with this cause…

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Going Mobile: How to Make Your Explainer Effective as a Mobile Video

Recently, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) polled 360 marketers across a variety of industries about their digital video ad budgets. 62% of respondents answered that they expect to increase their mobile video ad spending within a year. These findings are significant but not at all surprising. In fact, according to recent estimates from eMarketer, mobile’s share of total digital video ad dollars is expected to reach 47.7% by 2019.

Statistics like those above are indicative of a larger trend: a transition away viewing videos on television (and even on desktop) and towards viewing videos on mobile devices. Yet even this true seems to be staring us in the face—both statistically, as well as anecdotally—rarely do we talk about how, if at all, content ought to be altered to remain effective in a mobile format. More specifically: what does the proliferation of mobile mean for your explainer video?

A lot. So that’s exactly what we plan to answer today and tomorrow…