Rube Goldberg Animation

Animated Video Production Is a Rube Goldberg Machine

What do animated video production and Rube Goldberg machines have in common? They’re awesome, and hard to make. If you’re not familiar, a Rube Goldberg Machine is any complicated contraption built from everyday objects arranged into a long chain-reaction to accomplish a simple goal. The winner of the 30th annual Rube Goldberg Collegiate competition in 2014…

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5 Steps to Create Video Marketing Calls-To-Action [Flowchart]

Video marketing without a clear CTA is like fishing without bait. Or a hook. Or a rod…in the desert. Don’t go fishing without bait. If you’re lucky enough to grab peoples’ attention, it’s up to you to funnel that interest in the right direction with CTAs that capture, convince, and convert. Here’s a simple flowchart…

video without voiceover

5 Great Explainer Videos that Don’t Say a Word

Here at IdeaRocket, we take explainer-video voiceover pretty seriously. The right accent, inflection, and tone always add something immeasurable to an explainer, and when we hear the perfect voice that matches an animation, it’s a magic moment. But. Sometimes, the best explanation is better left unsaid. Explainer videos are a fundamentally visual medium, and while we…

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Half of Viral Video Shares Happen After the First Week

Roughly half (42%) of viral video shares happen within the first week of publication. In 2012, Unruly Media studied the 200 most shared videos and found that “peak social shares” – roughly 10% of the total – happen on day two, and that 25% of shares happen within the first three days. Just look at that…