video thumbnail

Why I Didn’t Watch Your Video: Awful Video Thumbnails (and how to fix it)

You want to watch the video below. Heck, you probably aren’t even reading this. You just scrolled down to click play. And that’s all thanks to the amazing video thumbnail. Unless you’re a National Geographic filmmaker, your videos probably won’t captivate people so easily. And that’s ok. Because… People don’t care about your video. They…

Audio is a Big Deal

Why I Didn’t Watch Your Video: Crappy Audio

“Crappy audio can ruin even the greatest of videos.” That’s the advice from Chris Lavigne, video superhero at Wistia. In every video he makes, Chris stresses the importance of audio – especially in his video production tutorials – because he knows how quickly “crappy” sound can scare away viewers. What people expect from quality video…

whiteboard animation software

Whiteboard Animation Software: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A lot of DIY whiteboard animation software has been popping up over the past few years. Some aren’t awful, some of it is terrible, and some are just confusing. So, before you embark down the DIY whiteboard animation route, here’s a showdown of the three best examples I’ve found for the Good, the Bad, and…

script writing

Write a Better Video Script with this One Simple Tactic

I’ve written every day for years. But that doesn’t make it any easier to come up with new story ideas or blog post topics on a daily basis. Writing a video script is hard. Creativity is the enemy. You need to limit yourself with boundaries and rules. That’s right – rules. Set limits. Fence in…