Time on Site SEO

Engagement: Video Marketing SEO Series: Part 2

SEO is all about getting people to your site so they can convert. To do that, you have to keep them there. Welcome to Part Two of the Five-Part Video Marketing SEO Series: “Dwell Time.” Rob Toledo, user engagement and bounce rate specialist with Shutterstock, says: “No longer just an interesting add-on, video has become…

Empire State Building vector graphics

Empire State Building Facts: Animated

If you haven’t been to the top of the Empire State Building yet, hopefully this animation, from Steve Jackson, will inspire you to buy a ticket and seize your Sleepless in Seattle moment the next time you’re in town.

CalArts Alumni Grosses Thirty Billion Dollars

$30 Billion in 30 Years: CalArts Animation Storms the Box Office

CalArts just released an infographic illustrating the total gross earnings of films directed by their animation alums since 1985. The total is over $30 billion dollars. This staggering figure is obviously meant to bolster the school’s already impressive reputation, but the data suggests something larger than just the commercial success of a dozen talented directors….

Webby Awards

The Best Animations of 2014: Webby Awards

Well, it’s award season again. No, I don’t mean that red carpet nonsense. It’s the Webby Awards! The awards that celebrate what people actually care about – The Internet! In 1997 the Webbys launched to celebrate online excellence – not something the 90s were particularly good at (remember Geocities?!). Since those humble beginnings the Webbys have grown…