In this week’s installment, we speak with (animation) hero of color David Heredia…

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PICK OF THE WEEK: Fix Florida by Costa Sunglasses (Explainer Video)

Have you ever been to a place so beautiful that photos and videos simply don’t do it justice? Of course, we all have. And we’ve all thought: well, then I wish there was another way for me to express the magic I’ve just experienced. Oftentimes, our solution is through narrative. To tell a story that–through…

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Questions to Consider Before Kicking-Off Your Explainer Video

You’ve decided to make an explainer video. You’ve decided that an explainer will be a great way to deliver your message and showcase your brand. But now, as you’re about to kick-off the project with the animation provider you’ve selected, you realize that there are still a lot of decisions that will need to be made.

First off: Don’t panic! At this stage, you don’t need to have all the answers (and frankly it’s okay if you don’t have any of them right now). After all, part of our job is to work with you. We are here to help guide you through the process and discuss all sorts of options. As a result of that conversation (or possibly even before that kick-off conversation) there are a handful of questions you’ll probably find helpful to ask yourself and other members of your team.

So today, let’s go through some of the helpful considerations.

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How Virtual Reality Marketing Can Help Your Brand

As marketers, we’re always looking for the most effective way to deliver our message. As attention spans shrink (see: Humans Have Attention Spans Shorter than Goldfish, Thanks to Smartphones) and seemingly limitless distractions abound, delivering that message might seem more difficult than ever. All of which makes leveraging the unique attributes of virtual reality a very interesting possibility to help your brand. It’s also a possibility that—thanks to the rapid influx of multiple VR headsets; from mobile to PC)—has never been more ripe to explore.