Two Animated Videos About Design

William Gadea 02.23.2017

For a long time we’ve been fans of Brooklyn-based motion designer Sander Van Dijk. He recently completed an assignment for Google, always a client that facilitates great work:

When you ask designers to design about design, you can get some rich responses. Like this video from another patron of fantastic work, Apple. It was created by TBWA/Media Arts Lab in Los Angeles, California.

The thread going through these videos is a vision of design as the search for the simplest logical solution to a communication problem. This is a view that is widespread among the best designers I know, but somewhat alien to outsiders, who see the process as being more about wild, magical inspiration.

William Gadea

William Gadea

William Gadea is the Creative Director and Founder of IdeaRocket.
William Gadea

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