Stop-Motion Auteur PES

William Gadea 02.09.2017

At IdeaRocket, we’ve shared our enthusiasm about the work of some of our favorite independent filmmakers. Heck, we’ve even collaborated with some of the ones we’ve featured. But as far I can remember, we have not shared the work of stop-motion auteur, PES.

PES is a man of obsessions. He makes films about food, video games, and sex. He sees verbal puns in things, loves plastic, and recognizes the magic of the ordinary. To wit:

Lately, he’s been making very ambitious films for some major brands.

The Making Of video will give you an idea of how time-intensive these efforts are.

It’s inspiring when an artist like PES keeps polishing his craft through his career, without losing the idiosyncrasies that make him who he is.


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