Interview: Chad Michael, Founder, AdVenture Games
03.16.2017 | by Blake Harris
Client Spotlight

Interview: Chad Michael, Founder, AdVenture Games

Can you have fun and improve your team skills at the same time? Chad Michael, the founder of AdVenture Games, thinks so – and his company has the track record to prove it.

Typically, AdVenture Games is hired by large companies to provide an exclamation point in their events programming: structured game experiences that are not only enormously fun, but also contain a potent blend of skill-development and team-building.

Late last year, Chad hired IdeaRocket to create a handful of explainer videos that would describe some of these games. The videos have only been up on the AdVenture Games site for a few weeks, but Chad has noticed they’ve already resulted in a “huge increase in leads.”

To figure out what made these explainers so successful, we sat down with Chad to talk about his business, the video-making process, and some of the insights he learned along the way.

Blake J. Harris: Hey, Chad! Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us.

Chad Michael: My pleasure. I mean, I’m so happy with the product. Everybody is, our whole team. Everyone just loves the videos that IdeaRocket made.

Blake J. Harris: Well, before we discuss those videos, I’d love to begin by hearing about the decision that led to their creation. What was it that originally led you to believe that explainer videos might help your business?

Chad Michael: I noticed that we were spending a lot of time on the phone with clients trying to explain exactly what we do. Because when you’re selling an event or an experience, it’s something that’s not tangible; it’s not like you can have them hold or touch something. So I wanted to maximize our time a little better and get people more interested in understanding what we offer. So I looked into explainer videos as a way to save time and to explainer it to people who don’t really know what we’re about.

Blake J. Harris: That makes a lot sense.

Chad Michael: During my research, I also identified another motivation: lowering our bounce rate. If you add good videos to your website, then people are going to spend more time on there. And Google is going to look at you as a more viable source of information. So that was the other reason why I wanted it done.

Blake J. Harris: After deciding to make explainer videos from AdVenture Games, what were some of the challenges—specific to your industry—that you wanted these videos to help you out with?

Chad Michael: When you’re dealing with corporate executives, time is of the essence. They typically have a lot of things so their attention span is very short. Especially for us, we know that our clients (and our potential clients) only have limited time when it comes to discussing their team-building needs. So it was important to do something that grabbed their attention right away. Which is why we decided to go with IdeaRocket. Because their presentations were really great and very professional. That was really important to us. The videos had to deliver our message in a way that looked and felt professional.

Blake J. Harris: Sure, that makes sense.

Chad Michael: Yeah. We couldn’t afford for the content to look cheesy or strung together. And to be honest, that type of [subpar] presentation quality has been the standard in our industry for a long time. So we, along with a few others in the industry, are now taking things to the next level. And so these videos are helping us do that.

Blake J. Harris: What were some of the first steps after you decided to move forward with IdeaRocket,

Chad Michael: They took time to research us, and our industry. They were pretty quick to grasp what it was that we did and what our games were about. Then they sent an initial script over, which came it pretty close to perfect. We didn’t really go through many edits, they knocked out of the park right away.

Blake J. Harris: Making an explainer video—or, in your case, 4 explainer videos—is a collaborative process. What surprised you most about that process?

Chad Michael: I would probably say just the overall quality. Especially the copywriting. I thought that was so brilliantly done; how they could portray a message in such a short amount of time. Each video is only 30 seconds. [laughs] At first, I remember thinking: will we even be able to do this? Because we need to stay within our budget too. But now I watch the final videos and can’t imagine them being any longer.

Blake J. Harris: Do you have a favorite video, of the four?

Chad Michael: Hmmm…we really do love them all. But I think the National Treasure explainer sticks out the most in my mind.

Chad Michael: The whole setup of that video is so great. Because it just kind of…it’s the perfect look and feel of what that game is about. Which is about exploring historical sites. And everything about that turned out so well.

Blake J. Harris: Lastly, I wanted to return to something you discussed at the beginning: the bounce rates. Have you seen any difference to your web traffic?

Chad Michael: Absolutely. I mean, we’ve seen such a huge increase in leads since we posted these on our site a couple months ago. I’d say we’re probably up at least 20% in the amount of traffic of people who click through and ask for a quote.

Blake J. Harris: Fantastic.

Chad Michael: I’ve also noticed another major benefit: having these videos has made it easier on the executives we deal with.

Blake J. Harris: In what sense?

Chad Michael: Like I said earlier, these people are busy. So having the videos makes it easier when they need to turn around and sell their boss to get approval for the funding. Because these explainer videos, they really give people a really great overview of what it is that we do. They’re a great way to showcase what makes us special.