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How Animated Explainer Video Exceeds Customer Expectations

Shawn Forno 03.18.2017

What makes an animated explainer video different from feature-length animation?

In the past you might have said the difference between the big studios and the commercial houses was primarily quality based. Major studios hire teams of animators who work for years on feature length blockbuster animations, while commercial studios and agencies typically employ less than a dozen animators, illustrators, and designers to make a great animated explainer video. In the past, that difference in production budgets really showed.

However, thanks to gigantic strides in animation software and rendering tools, the little animation studios can churn out feature-quality animation on a regular basis, even with a small staff. So the question remains—what makes animated explainer videos different from their feature length animation?

The answer, has to do with expectations and objectives.

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Animated Explainer Video Sells

While not all explainer videos are created explicitly to sell a product or service, the large majority of videos contribute to the overall marketing goals of a company by raising brand awareness, increasing authority, and providing consistent value to existing and potential customers. That’s a long-winded way of saying that animated explainer video sells.

Explainer videos have become an essential part of the sales funnel, often the most lucrative part of the funnel particularly for startups like DropBox, Venmo, and Dollar Shave Club. Each of those startups owes a large portion of their success to simple explainer videos that cut through the jargon and communicated the value of each company to their target market.

People Expect Animated Explainer Video

animated explainer video

What separates today’s explainer videos from videos of even 10 years ago isn’t the marked increase in quality—although that’s there too. No, the difference between old explainers and new videos is the awareness of how crucial quality explainer videos are to the overall customer experience.

Explainer videos contribute to brand awareness, recognition, explanation, customer support, corporate culture, employee training, marketing, sales, and repeat business. New products launch constantly, and people need to know how these products are going to impact their lives. Explainers fill this niche like no other tool.

The explosion of animated explainer video over the past decade isn’t due to just cool new software. The animation industry has grown because customers demand clear, concise, valuable explanations to an ever increasingly complicated world. As long as there are new problems with new cutting edge solutions, explainer videos will continue to thrive.

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