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Why 4 Big-Name Brands Use Animated Videos

Animated videos are everywhere. More and more viewers are going mobile, attention spans are shrinking, and startups and advertisers have less and less time to make an impression. The solution to this trend? Businesses are turning to animated video for a number of video marketing campaigns.

Video marketing has evolved, and today’s top companies are using animation as a fresh way to stand out from the crowd. The best part about animated explainer videos and commercials is that animation can serve multiple functions in just 30 seconds. A great animated explainer video can introduce a new product, educate users about its application, reinforce your brand identity, start a conversation, and transform watchers into buyers with a strong CTA.

Animated video is a powerful video marketing tool.

Here are four of our favorite branded animated videos from some of the world’s biggest companies.

Man and Dog Commercial — Coca-Cola

The production quality on this animated commercial is stellar. It’s like someone chopped 60 seconds out of a Disney movie and added a coke machine. The smooth, luscious visuals are a nostalgic callback to a simpler time when 2D cell animation ruled the cinema, and that theme—nostalgia—drives the action in the animation.

When the POV shifts to the excited dog and we see his colorful wistful view of the world, it opens up something childlike and full of wonder. We remember what it’s like to feel like every corner hides adventure, excitement, and the crisp bite of a fresh coke.

It’s insanely effective animation, and doesn’t even need a CTA. The brand awareness is off the charts.

*Shawn takes a break to open a coke*

Father’s Day “Princess” — Ford

The use of a customer success story as the voiceover for this animation is a cost effective, way to build brand awareness—not to mention that it packs an emotional punch. (Here’s one of our own animations for Breton Gluten Free Crackers that uses the same technique). This animated video is clearly targeted at a particular demographic—fathers and daughters—and has a clear selling point:

A Ford truck or car is as reliable as your dad. Not bad for a 52 second animation.

Paper Heart — United Airlines

The collage look and feel of the stop motion paper animation gives the viewer a sense of movement and transience. Scenes flicker. Our heroine moves through her journey with a simple visual reminder of the love she’s left back at home.

This animated video declares one thing loud and clear, “Every trip is important to someone, and every traveler has left someone behind.” United starts a conversation with its customers from the position of empathy and caring. As far as branding goes, that emotional note would be almost impossible to hit with a live action cast. You’d spend too much time distracted by the look of whoever they cast.

When you watch this animation it transports you to a world where it’s ok to leave your heart behind because you know that you’ll get back safe and sound. Brilliantly done.

Morton Salt Presents “Neighbors” — Morton Salt

Heart strings, meet CGI animation. It’s dogs again in this tear jerking animation of two neighborhood dogs and the friendship they share together season after season. Rain or shine, snow or sun, these two dogs are buds—until rock salt stops one of our intrepid friends in his tracks.

In case you don’t know, rock salt is tough on dog’s paws. Repeated exposure to salt during walks in the winter can dry out their foot pads and cause cracking, discomfort, bleeding, and infection. Morton not only addresses this concern head on—they do it from the the eyes of the animals most affected.

This animation is a stellar example of the power animation has to tell stories. You watch the first 30 seconds thinking this animated explainer video is just another schlocky puppy video designed to tug on your emotions (it is, but who cares), and then BAM—Morton’s hits you with a practical application of their new pet friendly rock salt.

It’s one of the most sensitive ways to introduce a new product that also demonstrates the products immense value. Pet owners rejoice! Your best friend can romp all year long (without uncomfortable, awkward doggie booties), if you use Morton’s Safe T Melt Ice Melt rock salt.

This one video provides brand recognition, character development, impeccable storytelling, emotional payoff, a product introduction, a value add, and entertainment all in one short animated package. It’s business animation at its finest.

The Best Branded Animated Videos Tell a Story

And that rounds off the list of some of the best branded animated videos from the past few years. Remember, the best branded animations don’t just wow viewers with state of the art CGI or luscious animation. In fact, some of the most impactful videos are simple animations that tell a story that hits home with the right viewers.

Define your audience, and spend time crafting a story that they’d like, and your business animation will receive rave reviews. Contact us today for more information about our animated services and how animated video can help your business.

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