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What Subjects Are Right For Whiteboard Animation?

William Gadea 03.30.2017

Sometimes we surprise ourselves. I had always thought that what whiteboard animation excelled at was concepts – really drawing out the relationships between people or things, using metaphors to elucidate ideas, creating a graphical map of processes. And of course, whiteboard animation is good at those things.

When it came to something that required a bit more emotional punch, I would usually recommend the freer canvas of 2d animation, the added heft of full color. But then a project comes along and makes you question what you think you know.

AllianceBernstein is a company that offers both investment management for institutions (that’s the Alliance part) and wealth management for high-net-worth individuals (the Bernstein part.) The wealth management wing of the company approached us about making a video talking about AllianceBernstein’s philanthropy advisory services, and they wanted to use whiteboard style animation.

As we usually do, we translated this message into a narrative with a hero. And as we usually do, we tried to see this narrative from the eyes of an AllianceBernstein client or prospect. And that’s when the emotional content of this story started to become apparent. It must be quite moving to have spent your life creating wealth for yourself, and then reach a stage where you want to lean back and start thinking about the best ways of sharing that wealth with others. (Which is perhaps why AllianceBerstein chose this topic – I imagine it’s an excellent way of bonding with their wealthy clients/prospects.)

Perhaps it’s the music. Perhaps its Gwen Singley’s brilliant illustrations. But I find the end result quite affecting, and I think you might too.

What are the parameters of whiteboard video creation? What are the places where it can’t go? I’m not really sure I know anymore; it’s like asking what are the parameters of drawing. Whiteboard certainly doesn’t work for all brands or situations, but its versatility and power cannot be underestimated.

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William Gadea

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