Building Brand Awareness With Animated Explainer Video
04.17.2017 | by Shawn Forno
Explainer Video

Building Brand Awareness With Animated Explainer Video

One of the best ways to launch a new product or jump start your business is with a high quality animated explainer video. Using animated video production can help your website rank better in Google search, keeps customers on your site for longer, streamlines the sales and pitch process, but the one thing animated video does better than anything else is build brand awareness.

But creating a top notch explainer video is tougher than it sounds. Here are the five things you need to do to ensure that your explainer video is right for your brand.

Build an Ideal Customer Persona

Your business animation has one purpose: to convert viewers. Whether that means email signups, social shares, or actual sales, you have to know who your target buyers are. Age, demographic, location, education, income, tastes, hobbies, favorite color—you can’t get too granular when forecasting your ideal customer persona:

  • Dave, the 26 year-old software engineer from Torrance, California
  • Susan, 38 year-old marketing executive that rock climbs in her spare time
  • Alice, the 19 year-old travel junkie that lives for the next photo app

Each of these buyers will respond to a different animated video. Create the one that builds your brand. For the best results create a few ICPs and test which ones convert the best. Then it’s time to create your video.

Once you have your best converting persona, model the characters, style, setting, and tone of your video to target these buyers. If you’re selling accounting software, make sure your video reflects the ideal user (accountants). If you’re pushing downloads of the hottest new video editing app, keep your video slick, hip, and full of visuals to entice creators to download your app.

Your animated explainer video should explain your product, but the best way to do that is by targeting the viewers that are the most likely to want what you’re selling.

Let Your Brand Flag Fly

Crafting the branded color palette for your animated explainer video is one of the easiest steps in the video production process, but it’s also one of the most important. Pull colors from your website and product and keep the video focused on those colors and the colors that compliment your brand.

A great animated explainer video can be as simple as your company logo—if you do it right.

Attention spans are short. People need to associate your brand with the colors they see instantly. The best way to do that is with a simple, clean, and most importantly consistent branded color palette.

Choose the Right Animated Explainer Video Style

Not all animation is created equally. When it comes to making your video, you can choose from a lot of different animation styles. Whiteboard video, traditional 2D, CGI, motion graphics, stop motion, and even VR and augmented reality animation are all options in today’s animation marketplace.

animated character design

Each animation style is great at a few things, so make sure you choose the one that suits not only your sales and marketing goals, but your brand identity. Whiteboard videos are extremely popular and effective for corporate animation and information dense videos, while motion graphics and CGI are sleek, slick, and great for launching the next big app. Each style targets different users and different conversion goals. Choose wisely.

Here’s a full rundown on the best use cases for each style of animation so you can choose the best style for your animated explainer video.

Make Your Animated Explainer Video Social

The best explainer videos are the ones that people share. The formula for creating a “viral video” is complicated and ever-changing, so don’t waste your time trying to create the next big thing. Just be as helpful and entertaining as you can while staying true to your brand.

People like watching videos, but more importantly videos are great tools for sharing information in a short amount of time. Keep your video short (under 2 minutes) and focused on a singular goal and people will share it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a great explainer video that says what you do in a few minutes is worth a million.

Include a clear, social CTA at the end of your video to make sure you’re encouraging social sharing, and watch your video make the rounds as industry professionals and everyday users share the valuable video you’ve created.

Be Yourself

There’s no such thing as “the perfect explainer video.” There’s only the perfect explainer video for you. People respond to honesty, so drop the corporate jargon, and just talk about this wonderful new thing that you’ve made and how it’s going to help make someone’s life better. If you’ve done your homework and created your Ideal Customer Persona, then you should know who’s watching your video and how they like to be addressed.

Be authentic, honest, and genuine and viewers will respond. Just look at what happened with Dollar Shave Club.

A great animated explainer video that builds brand awareness with your target users can be the thing that takes your business to the next level. Take the time to do it right and create an explainer video that gets the results you want year after year.

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