Friday Roundup: VR, Censorship, & The Future Of Animation

Shawn Forno 06.09.2017

The animation industry is constantly changing. New innovations to VR and Augmented reality are bringing new applications for animation into the real world at a pretty surprising pace. Heck, even Apple announced their intentions to integrate AR into their latest OS. To keep track of all the latest changes to animation, we’re looking at animation—and innovation—at premiere festivals like Annecy and groundbreaking conferences like SIGGRAPH.

The future of animation is coming, and it’s everywhere.

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Animation Culture

Kite: Vimeo Staff Pick from Nadia Schilling

This animated music video from Nadia Schilling (that’s her voice and guitar you hear as well) is so lovely. The mixed media collage animation is transportive and nostalgic at the same time. Plus, the built-in captions are a welcome addition to this charming video.

Seriously, the dwarf snail rider, beating bird’s nest, and fire on the horizon are hauntingly beautiful.

SIGGRAPH 2017: Focus on Diversity

the future of animation

SIGGRAPH, the “world’s largest, most influential annual conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive techniques” just announced the launch of their “VR Village” exhibition for the conference this July. The focus is “diversity.”

Denise Quesnel, 2017 VR Village Chair, said, “We believe that diversity in content, and diversity of contributors, helps facilitate perspectives and opportunities that are of great benefit to attendees. The experiences that will be seen at this summer are not only outstanding examples of VR and AR, but can only be experienced in SIGGRAPH’s unique VR Village space.”

Highlights from the VR Village include:

the future of animation

Holo-Doodle, a “VR hangout that brings the VR experience of being a naughty robot killing time to life,” and Magic Bench, a, “multi-user, third-person POV mixed-reality platform where participants see themselves and their environment composited with CG assets. It allows a user to simply walk up to an installation and interact with animated CG characters.”

Sign. Me. Up.

Animation News

Pixar Releases Official “Coco” Trailer

Pixar flips the script on Dia de los Muertos with Coco’s fresh take on the after life. In this touching animation, a boy visits his family in the world of the dead—not the other way around. The striking colors and sweeping animated scenes are enough to make you curious for more. However, the film bears a resemblance to Fox’s Book of Life (2014).

China Pulls Animation from Annecy Film Festival

As if international politics wasn’t already everywhere, Chinese government censorship is tainting the Annecy International Film Festival. The Chinese animated film Have a Nice Day was forcibly removed by China—a particularly galling example of government censorship due to both the film’s social critiques and the fact that China was selected as a special guest nation for the 2017 Annecy Festival. Here’s the official statement from Annecy:

We must remove one of the feature films selected in competition at Annecy 2017, Liu Jian’s Have a Nice Day, from our programme following a decision that has been imposed upon us. We’re disappointed about the official pressures that have prevented us from presenting this remarkable film this year and we hope that international audiences will soon have the possibility to see it.

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The future of animation is a constantly moving target. Stay tuned for animation news and video marketing tips every week for your business video!

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