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Animated Video that Inspires: The Friday Animation Roundup

Shawn Forno 07.14.2017

Animated video is powerful. From a 2-minute short story that makes you want to run outside and live your best life, to the “ah-ha” moments of professional animators still learning something new everyday. Animation is a never-ending wheel of innovation, history, and reinvention that keeps churning out online video that people just want to watch.

Learn how to tell your story just a little bit better with some of these tips and marketing tips from some of the best animated video online today.

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Animation Culture

A Single Life by Job, Joris, & Marieke

This absolutely fantastic CG animation from a few years ago was nominated for an Academy Award for best animated short, and raked in over 35 animation festival prizes. But forget all that. A Single Life reminds us that you can tell compelling stories in just two minutes—especially if you have a time travelling vinyl record.

Watch til the end, it’s worth it.

A Disney Animator Shares His “Ah-Ha” CGI Moment

If you think you need to know everything about computer animation to be a top animator, you wrong. Just look at what Trent Correy says the moment he really “got” CGI:

Animated Video News

Slice: On-Demand Insurance for the On-Demand Economy

As someone who’s both used and worked in the “demand” or sharing economy, it’s comforting to know that there’s a super easy way to get flexible on-demand insurance that scales with my life. Check out our latest animated explainer video for Slice, and rest a little easier.

Top Animators Set to Speak at VIEW Animation / VFX Conference

animated video

The 18th annual VIEW conference is gonna be a big one. Top creators in VR, VFX, game design, and animation are coming together in Turin Italy for what is fast becoming a premiere tech and animation event. Speakers include Shannon Tindle (Kubo and the Two Strings), Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda), Rogue One animation director Hal Hickel, Rob Coleman (Lego Batman Movie). Conference director Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez claims “VIEW has become not only a place where ideas are presented, it’s a time and place where ideas are incubated.”

Check out the full list of VIEW conference speakers. The event is October 23-27 in Turin, Italy.

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