10 Best Ways To Help Your Video Promotion
07.24.2017 | by James Ritchie
Video Marketing

10 Best Ways To Help Your Video Promotion

You just got done creating a fantastic video that you can’t wait to share with thousands of potential buyers. You want to make sure that it’s seen by a broad audience but you’re not quite sure how to achieve that; this is where video promotion comes into play.

Video promotion is an important aspect to the success of any video. You can create the greatest content ever made, but it makes no difference if no one sees it. Now, your video doesn’t have to go viral (most don’t), but putting time into your promotion efforts can go a long way. It sets your video up with the best opportunity for success, so why not give it a try?

Pick the Perfect Title

A great video starts with the title. The title of your video can be the deciding factor between whether someone clicks on it or passes it by. It should be short and to the point, while at the same time perfectly encapsulating what the whole video is about. The description of the video is where you should go into more detail about the specifics of the video.

You should also do keyword research to see what people are searching for. Once you have the keyword that best fits your title, it’s best to put it at the beginning, but it’s not necessary. If your title has an eye-catching, engaging title, your video promotion is off to a great start!

Use a Call-to-Action

This is something you can do within the video itself to encourage viewers to like and share. Some people just need a little push toward that like button and what better way than to remind them to do so yourself?

You can add a call-to-action by editing one in yourself and burning it into the video, but there are easier ways to do it. Some video hosting platforms – like Wistia and Vimeo – provide features that allow you to add a professional call-to-action to your video seamlessly. These tools can even give you the ability to collect contact information from viewers. You can also add pop-up annotations to your YouTube videos. This is less formal but can produce similar results.

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Promote Your Video To People You Know

One of the first things you should do with your video promotion is to share with the people you know personally. Whether it’s your mom or an old acquaintance, you should be sharing your video with everybody you know. Ask these people to watch your video and then pass it along to everybody they know.

This starts a chain reaction of people sharing your video and having it seen by more and more people outside of your personal network. You should never underestimate people’s willingness to help out and show your video to a friend

Create A Video with A Relatable Message

People are more likely to share things that strike a chord with them or things they think are a good representation of who they are. Whether it’s an article or video, people want their timelines to consist of things that they identify with and believe in.

Andrew Selepak, Director of the Graduate Program in social media at the University of Florida, says:

“The best way to get your content shared is to give people a reason to share it. This might be because your video is funny and made people laugh, so they want to share it with friends and family to put a smile on their face. The video might be emotional, and people share it because if it moved them, they know it will move others.”

If your video can have this effect on people, you shouldn’t have any problem getting your video shared.

Social Media

If you’re not already using social media, stop reading this right now and get started. Social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give anyone with a computer and internet connection a platform to promote themselves.

By building a healthy social media following, you are essentially building an audience to call upon every time you have a new video. Just make a new post with a link to the video and sit back and watch the views pile up.

Start A Blog On Your Website

Blogs help you connect and share relevant and timely information with customers. Sounds like the perfect place to promote your video right? You may think it’s hard to set-up a blog yourself, but blogging platforms like WordPress and Hubspot make it easy.

You can make a post when your video is ready to be shared by embedding the video within the post. This can also be a great way for you to give viewers a little more commentary on the video.

Email Outreach To Clients

This may fall under the same umbrella of reaching out to people you know, but it deserves its own spot on the list. You should take advantage of every relationship you have when promoting your video and an old client is no exception.

Use the old email contacts you have made from doing business to send out a link to your video. This is a good excuse to reconnect with old clients and build upon your professional relationships, but be sure to make the emails personalized so that it doesn’t sound like a generic email blast.

Use Custom Thumbnails

A good clear thumbnail can give your video a real boost. Thumbnails are like a mini movie poster for your video and help viewers figure out what your video is about.

Make sure that your thumbnail is original so that you differentiate yourself from similar videos. Also, try not to reveal too much of the video in the thumbnail but just enough to pique interest.

(You can learn more about picking the best thumbnail for your video here)

Properly Use SEO

Practicing great SEO improves your videos ability to be found. Laura Hall, Marketing Executive at Shiply, says:

“Make sure your title and description are interesting, relevant, and ideally helpful and informative to users, this will make it more likely to come up in ‘related video’ recommendations. Also, give the video relevant tags so it shows up in the right places.”

Doing all of the above can make your videos more accessible to search engines and increase your chances of getting more views.

Try Collaborating With Influencers

If you’re promoting in more of a niche market, working with an authoritative figure can be an excellent way to grab the attention of the demographic. It also gives you the chance to access their followers.

Reach out with ideas to companies that you aren’t in direct competition with to see if they’d be interested in working together. Collaborating can be a great way to grow your audience and create a relationship with a company that is a major influencer.

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