Strava: My Year In Sports By Panda Yoghurt
07.27.2017 | by William Gadea

Strava: My Year In Sports By Panda Yoghurt

Rube Goldberg devices have always inspired animators. One of the first to be entranced by them was unheralded genius Charley Bowers. Although almost completely forgotten for many years, his work is starting to get the the recognition that has long eluded it. Bowers was a pioneer of stop-motion, blending this technique with live action to become a special effects trailblazer. If you can deal with the French subtitles and inappropriate music, this is a good short to start with:

More recently, Wallace and his reliable sidekick Gromit have been everyone’s favorite tinkerers. Here is a supercut of some of their best scenes:

This all just to make clear that when UK’s Panda Yoghurt and Stink Studios team up to make a CGI film that purports to take us into the Strava social media app, they are stepping onto some well-trodden territory. Which is not to take anything away from their remarkable achievement! The imagination shown here is astounding.

Here is our Pick of the Week: