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The Current State of Online Video: 2017

Shawn Forno 08.04.2017

We’re halfway through 2017. It’s time to get up to date on the current state of online video. Gaming is changing YouTube, European viewers are more important than ever, and Netflix is making a grab for anime streaming viewers. We talk rebranding, video SEO, and even include a free script template to get you started making your own online video. Video marketing is constantly on the move—find out how you can adapt in this week’s Friday Roundup.

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Video Marketing

How to Use Online Video in the European Market

online video Europe

The current political…situation in the US makes it hard to think past our own borders, but not everything is about America. This 2017 video marketing report from Tubular Insights tracks video trends across Europe including YouTube views, location, social media hits, and even the most common languages to help video creators reach their target market.

The State of Online Video: Q1 2017

Take a deep dive into the current state of online video. See how gaming is impacting YouTube, track luxury brands’ social presence, see how early adopters amplify sponsored video, and track how brands are using YouTube live. Stay up to date with online video.

Online Video: Animation

Netflix Doubles Down on Anime

Netflix has announced that it will carry a dozen new anime series (and one feature film) in the coming months. These shows will join perennial hits like One Punch Man (shared with Hulu), but this move includes exclusivity, putting Netflix into direct competition with anime streaming sites like Crunchyroll.

And if you think these are “niche” animation shows, think again. This trailer for A.I.C.O. Incarnation got nearly 200,000 views on YouTube. In two days.

Sneak Peak at Close Enough from J.G. Quintel

The creator of Regular Show is bringing Close Enough a “surreal comedy about a family growing up without getting old” to TBS. And that’s interesting. This type of adult animation is typically more comfortable on Adult Swim, but TBS is getting into the game. And it looks like a winner.

Business Animation at IdeaRocket

The future of animation is a constantly moving target. Download our new e-book Succeeding With Animated Video to help make the perfect video for your business!

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