Dynamic Animation: Good Adds Up From Facebook
08.10.2017 | by William Gadea

Dynamic Animation: Good Adds Up From Facebook

The capability to add user photos dynamically to web-based animation has been around for a while. (JibJab, those makers of memorable political parody, have made a whole business out of it.) But it’s not often done as well as in this project directed by Johnny Kelly for Facebook. The simple and elegant design is by London-based illustrators Nous Vous.

Notice the tallish aspect ratio, which is designed to live quite happily in a social media timeline. I wonder whether these kind of unorthodox formats might get more popular as the importance of social media video continues to grow.

Here is an interesting interview with the Director, where he talks about this project. Johnny Kelly had previously directed the Back to the Start video for Chipotle, where Willie Nelson covers Coldplay. The video is beautifully made, but the strategy behind it is thoughtful too: it makes a statement about Chipotle’s brand values, while at the same time reaching out to Nelson’s country audience and Coldplay’s pop audience.