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Which Industries Buy Explainer Video? [CASE STUDY]

Shawn Forno 08.22.2017

Is an explainer video right for your business? The short answer is: Yes. It doesn’t take a Forbes article to see that explainer videos are incredibly valuable marketing resources for startups, Fortune 500s, and everything in-between. The right video can help launch an online empire or just increase inbound leads, engagement rates, and your SEO strategy. It all depends on how you use it, and which industry you’re in.

But enough marketing jargon. Instead of droning on about the merits of explainer video, a better tack might be to ask, “Which industries benefit the most from explainer videos?” Now that’s an interesting question. At the end of the day, making an animated explainer video can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and some industries use video better than others. So to help you decide if an animated explainer video is right for you, we took a look at all of our customers, past and present, and broke them down into a comprehensive look at who exactly is buying explainer videos.

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Who Buys Explainer Video: B2B Clients

61% of our explainer videos are for B2B clients. That might seem a little high, but B2B explainer videos have multiple applications, both online and in the real world. Our B2B clients make explainer videos to train new employees, equip sales teams with tools for complicated products like software and digital services, and as fresh marketing assets for online engagement. B2B explainer video brings in a lot of SEO juice to your website, especially over the long-tail, and video makes a great addition to conference booths, convention halls, and as visual presentation aids for explaining new features to prospects and clients alike. It’s no wonder B2B explainer videos comprise the bulk of animated video production.

Explainer video provides a consistent lead generation funnel for B2B businesses, especially when the explainer video provides answers to common concerns or industry specific queries. Most buyers rely on video to answer questions on the way to making a purchasing decision. A well-made explainer video can present your brand into the research portion of the buyer’s journey, which is when a lot of decisions happen.

Explainer Video by Client Revenue

A deeper look into our client roster showed that the overall client revenue is fairly evenly split between startups and larger established companies. A full 57% of our clients have annual revenues over $1 Billion.

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Explainer Video: Buyers By Industry

At IdeaRocket we work with a wide range of clients from HBO to Harvard, and while every video is a unique project, we’ve found over the past decade that a handful of industries are more prone to make an explainer video.

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Health and Pharma Whiteboard Videos

Our leading explainer video sector by volume is Health and Pharma, at nearly a quarter of our output. These videos are especially useful for explaining new procedures to patients, new policies from hospital administrators, new medications to doctors and pharmaceutical reps, and patient portals on hospital and healthcare websites to explain FAQs and other common concerns.

The visual storytelling and concise messaging make whiteboard animation particularly suited to Health and Pharma explainer videos, and as such, we’ve worked with dozens of organizations and causes to get their messaging across in an engaging way that still communicated vital, even life-saving information.

Manufacturing Explainer Videos

Our second most popular explainer video industry sector is Manufacturing, representing about 18% of our client base. Manufacturing explainer videos rely heavily on technical specs and dense industry specific information, so again whiteboard videos are a great medium. However this sector also includes product videos featuring slick motion graphics, and even 3D CGI. Some of our most popular videos are product videos.

Finance and Management Consultancy Explainer Videos

Management consultancy and finance sector explainer videos collectively comprise 14% of our client base. These videos while technically dense like manufacturing and product videos are surprisingly more narrative. CEBs suite of videos tackles different management styles, various performance metrics, and a host of organizational structures in a way that pushes the conversation forward.

These videos are some of our most heavily used B2B tools, and our clients rely on them to bring in new leads and convert existing prospects. Management and Finance explainer videos are all about conversion, communication, and ironclad CTAs. Motion graphics and whiteboard animation are the go-to video styles for management and finance videos. They’re clear, concise, and engaging.

Tech Explainer Videos

The technology sector is the final individual component of our explainer video client base. These videos are split between B2B software solutions and B2C apps and websites. Some of our higher profile video work has been in the tech sector, since online explainer video is a fantastic way to generate interest and inbound leads for an online product or service. This video for Venmo helped explain this “crazy new payment app” before sending money from your phone was cool.

Tech and Digital Service sector videos focus on engagement and typically target a very specific custom audience of ideal users or buyers. If you want to launch the next big app, slick production, concise information, and short clear communication are the hallmarks of tech industry explainer videos. We typically use motion graphics for these explainers.

Explainer Video Buyer Personas

Before you make a video, you have to identify your target audience. Our business model is no different. We’ve created six unique buyer personas for animated explainer videos, and broken down who is our most likely client.

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Explainer Video Buyer Persona: Project Managers

“Michael,” the business or project manager persona, represents nearly a third of our total business. Explainer video projects are often bought by department heads and managers that want to accomplish a singular goal. We love videos targeted at objectives because it’s a great way to craft the script, style, tone, and eventually measure the success of the video by determining the ROI.

Explainer Video Buyer Persona: Marketing Directors

Combined with “Michael,” our next most popular buyer persona, “Brigit” makes up more than half of our total business. Top level marketing executives are also looking for targeted explainer videos to use as marketing resources in specific campaigns. This can include rebranding, a new product design, or a pivot to fresh features or even a retro throwback. Regardless of the objective, marketing directors are some of our most enthusiastic clients.

Explainer Video Buyer Persona: Executive Producer

Similar to project managers, executive producers can be from creative agencies or larger corporations and typically look for explainer videos that accomplish smaller focused objectives, or even a series of videos aimed at long term use. These buyers make up 9% of our client base.

Explainer Video Buyer Persona: Tech Company Founder / CEO / President

Tech startup founders run the gamut of explainer video buyers, from everything to physical products and kickstarter style inventions, to apps, platforms, and new websites. Tech explainers are some of our most innovative videos and feature a wide range of styles. Whiteboard videos, VR, 3D CGI, and smooth motion graphics all work, depending on your tech!

Explainer Video Buyer Persona: Video Producers & Creative Directors

These final two personas account for roughly 12% of our revenue. Creative directors and agency contacts comprise a wide range of topics and clients of all sizes. It all depends on the objective.

Which Industries Use Explainer Video: All of Them

Explainer videos are a great way to highlight new products, explain complicated features, and build your brand. Plus, people just plain like video. Making an explainer video isn’t the scary prospect it was just a few years ago. Contact us today to find out if an explainer video is right for your industry. You might be surprised by what you find.

Shawn Forno

Shawn Forno is a massive Studio Ghibli fan who does content marketing. In that order. Find his other writing and extensive travel blogging here.

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