4 Businesses That Have Made A Splash With Video
10.10.2017 | by William Gadea
Founder's Journal

4 Businesses That Have Made A Splash With Video

We often talk about animated video on this blog, but today we are going to look at businesses that have succeeded at promoting themselves with live-action videos. We are impressed by the creativity shown by these entrepreneurs, with solutions that range from shoestring shoots to professionally-produced travelogues.

Maid Pro

If you’ve bought into a business franchise, you might not be having as much fun as the folks at MaidPro.com. Here’s how Madeleine Park, Content Marketing Director for MaidPro, tells it: “Every 18 months our franchise family takes a trip to an exotic place somewhere around the world to bond, talk shop, and explore. In 2017 we adventured to the Amazon Rainforest and Macchu Picchu.” But this wasn’t just another vacation that might be casually Instagramed by the participants. They took a professional film crew, and here are the results:

A big part of any franchise business is recruiting new franchisees, and this video was especially good for that purpose. It showcases the company culture: adventurous, family- and community-oriented, supportive, and flexible.

What helped make the video successful? The professional crew was a big part of the reason, says Park. Also, she advises: “keep it as short as possible… and entertaining!”


CardCash is a company that buys unwanted gift cards and sells them at a discount, saving people money on the things they buy.

They wanted to make a comedic film to communicate their value proposition, which is usually challenging. They had an advantage, however, in that their CRO, Shmuli Rosenberg, had a filmmaking background. Says Rosenberg: “We handled the entire process in house, from writing, to casting, to editing and sound design.”

The film was shot on a soundstage that the company rented for a day. Says Rosenberg: “Viewers are bombarded by so much content, keeping them engaged and interested, while getting your point across in a memorable way is not easy.” Perhaps at least partly because of the video, the company has prospered, being named to INC 5000’s fastest-growing companies six times.

Nu-Era Bakery

The Albright family has run the Nu-Era Bakery in Logan, West Virginia since the 1940s. Since even before then, Pepperoni Rolls have been a West Virginia delicacy. The coal miners of the area liked to take them down to the mines with them for lunch, because they would keep well.

The Albrights

Co-owners Libby and Larry Albright wanted to celebrate both the community and its food tradition, which they uphold. They used Animoto, a cloud-based video creation service that makes a finished video out of photos, video clips, and music. Here are the results.


The big, bold titles make it easy for viewers to follow the story of the popular snack, even if they’re seeing it on Facebook with the sound off. And the results? The video was originally posted on Facebook and shared over 4,000 times, receiving more than 200 comments. There were more than 1,600 comments across all the online instances of the video.

Libby and Larry had started their video adventure with the hope of increasing engagement on Facebook, but the 250,000 views it received made them realize that there was a nationwide demand for their baked goods. Nu-Era bakery decided to start shipping.

Say… aren’t you hungry for a Pepperoni Roll?


Gene Cabellero is the co-founder of GreenPal, which he describes as an Uber for lawn care. Recruiting is a challenge for any kind of service matching providers with customers, so GreenPal made a video that movingly dramatizes the landscaper’s pain points:

Gene has a useful tip for making a video on the cheap: “Go to local university and talk to professors in TV production department. They will recommend students to help shoot and edit your video. Ours was done this way and it only cost us beers and pizza.”

As for the talent? The onscreen talent is exclusively friends and family. If it works, it works!