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How a Video Landing Page Helps Your Brand Convert Customers

A customer who has reached your landing page was interested enough to click on an ad or social media post. Now your goal is to keep their attention long enough to make a sale. Video landing pages are especially helpful in achieving that goal.

They work because video is a uniquely engaging medium. It captures visitor attention on a webpage to deliver both information and entertainment. 

What is a Video Landing Page?

A video landing page is any landing page that puts video front and center. Most commonly, this means putting a large video at the top of the page. Some brands opt for a landing page video background, with text or button overlay. Others put a headline and call to action on the left with a video on the right, like the Wistia example below. 

screenshot of Wistia's video landing page

Some brands include a video further down the page, which can help stop the scroll and get visitors to engage. However you format it, building a video-first landing page is a smart idea. 

Why Video Landing Pages Work

Your brand needs to convey vital information as concisely as possible so potential customers can quickly make an informed decision. Just putting a video on your site announces that you value your prospects’ time. In essence your landing page video says, “Here’s how we can help you!” 

By contrast, a big block of text may encourage your  visitor to skim past your value proposition. So even though you did all the right marketing legwork, they end up at pricing information without understanding value. Video prevents this by capturing their attention immediately.

It comes down to brain science. Our brains process visuals thousands of times faster than they process text. Besides, 73% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy after watching a video and 95% of B2B buyers say video plays an important role in purchasing decisions. 

As much as we appreciate a pithy product description, it just can’t match the value of video. Video landing pages grab attention, engage viewers, and increase buying intent.

Best Practices for Video Landing Pages

Any landing page needs to answer three vital questions for the customer: 

  1. What is the product or service? 
  2. How can it solve my problem?
  3. How is your offering different?

A well-planned video packages all of those answers into an entertaining format. Apple these best packages to get the most from your video landing pages. 

  • Avoid autoplay annoyance. Autoplay videos slow down load times and can annoy buyers. Plus, they might miss part of the message. Let the buyer control when the video starts. We make an exception for silent landing page video backgrounds designed to show off a product.
  • Use a compelling thumbnail image. If you don’t autoplay, you’ll need an image that entices people to click. Choose your thumbnail carefully.
  • Include captions. Not only will it make your video more accessible, it also means people don’t have to turn on audio to get your message.
  • Keep it short. The ideal marketing video is 2 minutes or less, but people at the bottom of the funnel may be willing to invest more time. Focus on one clear message, but don’t be afraid to make slightly longer videos for landing pages.
  • Share video testimonials. When you share videos of real customers, you add social proof to your landing page. Visitors can see that the people who left those reviews are real customers
  • Include a compelling CTA. Every video needs a call to action. The one on your landing page should be especially compelling and specific.

Customize Your Call to Action

That last point deserves a little more attention. The CTA on your landing page video should be special. It should explicitly ask customers to take a single, specific action they can complete right now. 

Buyers are pretty deep into your sales funnel by the time they reach your video landing page. While CTAs on social video might invite someone to visit your website or join your mailing list, landing page CTAs should point buyers directly to conversion. 

Examples might be: 

  • Click the button to buy now
  • Contact us to get started
  • Fill out the form and a member of our team will contact you

You can add your CTA as voiceover, in text, or as a clickable card directly in the video. To understand which option works best for your customers, you can try A/B testing powered by a platform like Intellimize. Or if you prefer, you can combine all three to make the most forceful CTA possible. Notice how the video on the landing page linked below includes both a voiceover and text CTA.

Think Beyond The Landing Page

The goal of your landing page video is to drive conversions, but some buyers will still leave without completing a purchase. We’ve never seen a landing page with a 100% conversion rate

The good news is that even if buyers don’t convert on this visit, they’ve still seen your message. Video is really good at increasing brand recall. It’s like you’ve dropped a little brand ambassador for your business right inside their head. 

In short, your video will stick with them. If you redirect with the right custom audience or remarketing campaign, you may get another chance at conversion

Animated vs Live-Action Landing Page Videos

We couldn’t end without addressing the great animation vs live-action debate. While live-action video landing pages are certainly an option, we think animation is often a better choice. 

Animation is inherently more evergreen than live-action. Fashions in animation don’t change as quickly as clothing and hairstyles. The timeless quality of animation means your landing page video will feel fresher for a lot longer.

You can also go for a fun mixed media approach, like this Elpha Secure video. 

Landing page video explains your offering in seconds, engages prospects, and performs better than text or images. An effective video landing page starts with a quality video. Contact the video experts at IdeaRocket to start increasing conversions with video..

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