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DeerPro: How To Make Your First Animated Explainer Video

Shawn Forno 12.12.2017

For many companies, there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than making your first explainer video. It’s a big investment and you probably have a lot of questions. Should your video be live-action or animation? Do you want a short informative explainer video or something more narrative with compelling characters, distinct branding, and a memorable storyline? Which explainer video style should you use (motion graphics, whiteboard animation, etc)? What do you do once you actually make the video? There’s a lot to consider. To help you answer a few of these questions, we talked with one of our most recent clients, Sean McNamara, at DeerPro, about how they approached making and launching their first animated explainer video.

Sean shares how his impressions of the animated explainer video process, feedback, and what he learned. He also shares a few tips to help make your first animated explainer video a hit including feedback, advertising and marketing metrics and what DeerPro plans to do with this explainer video in the future.

IdeaRocket: Why did DeerPro want to make an explainer video?

Sean McNamara: Our goal is to increase brand awareness in the homeowner market. Our product is a professional strength product that is not sold to homeowners. All our past marketing was directed at the professional plant care service companies. Now we want to make homeowners aware of our brand directly so they ask their landscape professional for our product.

Our goal is to increase brand awareness in the homeowner market.

In addition, most homeowners don’t think to ask someone to do deer repellency. They usually think they have to do it themselves. We want to expand the idea of asking a professional to provide this service.

IR: What’s the most important thing you want this video to communicate to potential customers?

Sean: We want to increase the brand awareness of DeerPro—to explain how our product is different from other deer repellents on the market.

IR: Why did you choose animation?

Sean: For many years I’ve had this animated concept in my mind. I was glad that IdeaRocket could bring that vision to life.

animated explainer video

IR: Is this your first business explainer video?

Sean: Yup, this is our first animated commercial.

IR: How was the production process? Are you happy with the finished product?

Sean: The production process was good. I think some great improvements were made to my original idea, and the IdeaRocket team was helpful bringing it to life. I’ve received good comments on the video, so yes, I am very happy with the way the video came out. There were slight changes to my original concept, but it’s pretty close to what I had in mind.

IR: How are you using the explainer video?

Sean: So far we’re using it on social media, and we’re planning to use it more in 2018 as part of a full digital marketing strategy. Our sales team is very small (me!), but we may also make it available to our customers directly to help drive homeowner sales.

IR: How has the video performed so far?

Sean: We ran a $500 Facebook ad campaign this fall. The campaign was targeted to parts of the country where expensive landscaping and high deer populations come into conflict. The campaign reached 52,500 people.

animated explainer video ROI

In terms of cost per click we’re very happy with the results. We also like the number of times the post was shared. We hope to expand on this success in 2018.

IR: How do you plan to use this video or future videos moving forward?

Sean: We’re planning a digital marketing campaign for DeerPro in the fall of 2018. We’re also hoping to create a digital ad toolbox for our customers to use in their local market.

Animated Explainer Video Production

Making your first animated explainer video can be scary. But if you write a great script, choose the right video style, and share your video with your target audience even your first video can be a huge hit. Download our free eBook to learn more about how to succeed with business animation.

Shawn Forno

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