Why Animation For Business Is On The Upswing

Amy Onorato 01.16.2018

If you’re one of many organizations looking to invest in video this year, animation for business may be the best way to give your company a competitive edge.

Cisco projects video traffic will make up around 80 percent of all global internet traffic by 2021. For businesses, this means more opportunities to connect with customers through the medium that matters most. Studies have also shown that video is proven to yield higher engagement rates, longer time-on-site, and higher conversion rates than other content forms.

Simply put, video is on the rise — and companies are paying attention.

According to a recent eMarketer report, organizations across the country spent an estimated $13.2 billion on video advertising in 2017. And if you fast forward a few years, spending only goes up — with numbers expected to hit a whopping $22 billion by 2021.

As the video space becomes more crowded (and ultimately, more competitive) organizations are going to have to find creative ways to stand out from the crowd, while also keeping their costs in line. With business animation, companies have the opportunity to turn their wildest ideas into engaging videos that convey their message, showcase their brand, and captivate their audience in imaginative ways — all without breaking the bank.

Here are some ways business animation can create new opportunities for your brand this year:

Explain Complex Ideas

So, what do you do? For many brands — especially in the SaaS or B2B market — explaining a product or service in a way that’s relatable isn’t always so easy. Business animation has the power to turn even the most complex ideas into a medium that is clear and easy to understand.

As we’ve written about before, Dropbox did an amazing job with this back in 2009. Using simple animation, strong metaphors and a relatable story, the company was able to bring cloud storage down to Earth in a way that was educational and engaging at a time when the cloud was still a fairly unknown concept. The two-minute explainer video is credited for increasing conversations by nearly 10 percent, too, making it a useful tool for bringing in new business.

Bring Your Brand To Life

With animation for business, anything is possible — if you can dream it, chances are, you can also bring it to life. This offers new opportunities to create campaigns and characters that stretch the imagination and give your business a unique voice all its own.

How do you showcase your company identity? With video, it could be as simple as integrating your brand’s colors into your animations, or incorporating elements of your website, logo, or print materials to create a suite of unified content that your audience will remember.

Companies have used animation to turn their mascots into loveable brand ambassadors for decades. There’s the quacking Aflac duck, the iconic Geico gecko, and a particular cat that sings for Meow Mix for dinner. Companies are using animation to bring their buyers’ biggest pain points to life, too. Distil Networks, a cybersecurity company, hired us at IdeaRocket to create a video that described the “horrors” of Internet bots by characterizing them as, well, killer robots — transforming an explainer video into a classic story of good versus evil.

Lower Production Costs

Imagination aside, producing a live video comes with its own set of challenges. You need a dedicated crew, top-notch equipment, a cast of actors or a set of interviews, a place to shoot, and a production timeline that fits in with your team’s already jam-packed schedules. Not to mention — the instances where things could go wrong, or a shot just isn’t “right,” resulting in reshoots that could add time to your turnaround and dollars to your bottom line.

Business animation cuts through all the noise by blending powerful imagery, voiceover and music to focus on what matters — telling a powerful story that showcases your brand. All you need is a good animator to help bring your messaging to life.

And if changes need to be made? Well, that’s simpler too — all you need is a voice re-track or an edit, which is typically easier to turn around than a live reshoot.

Extend The Life Of Your Content

Speaking of editing — since animations are more flexible, they can be easily repurposed to fit different mediums and campaigns. For example, you could include a snippet of your video as a teaser on Facebook or Twitter, with a call-to-action that brings your audience to a dynamic landing page where they can see the video in full. YouTube allows you to specify when you want your video to start — which can allow you to focus in on certain points in your video for more tailored campaigns depending on your target persona.

The Bottom Line

Video isn’t going anywhere — in fact, it’s only getting bigger. As video continues to emerge as the medium of choice for content, companies need to start getting creative in order to stay competitive and captive their audience. For many B2B and SaaS companies, finding the right way to tell their story or explain their service is a way that’s relatable can often be a challenge. Producing live video can often be difficult to schedule, and can be a burden for brands who don’t quite have the budget.

With business animation, companies can take their ideas to new heights by creating compelling characters and imaginative narratives that fly high above the norm in a way that’s flexible, relatable and easy to manage. And with the right strategy, a company can take their animated video and turn it into a piece of content that stands the test of time.

With animation, the possibilities are endless. Where will your next big idea take your brand?

Animation For Business At IdeaRocket

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