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Ask An Expert: Overcoming Video Marketing Challenges

Amy Onorato 10.02.2018

What are some of the biggest video marketing challenges today?

We asked marketing leaders to share their tips on what it takes to start a video marketing strategy, and how to handle the biggest challenges along the way. Here are some of our favorite tips:

Define Value

“One of the most common challenges when implementing video marketing is figuring out how videos can bring more value to their audience, which is essential. Many businesses are making videos just for the reason of having videos, not to miss the bandwagon. Not only this practice won’t usually bring any results, but can disrupt your audience if you are not careful.

Before you start your video marketing campaign, make sure to re-evaluate your understanding about your audience: can you deliver more value using videos? What are the types of videos they are searching for? Are there any specific queries/keywords you can optimize? Answering these questions can develop a comprehensive video marketing plan.”

– Steve Kurniawan, content specialist & growth strategist, Nine Peaks Media

Outline Your KPIs

“Prioritizing your analysis and measures of success is an important factor in launching a successful video marketing strategy. You need to know what your targets are before you even think of an idea for a video. What do you want to achieve through your videos? Doing this at the very beginning will help you to reach a conclusion at the end of the campaign as to whether it was successful or not.”

– James Nuttall, content and outreach specialist, Ben Sherman

Choose The Right Topic

“Choosing the right topic becomes the deal breaker for marketers. Being skeptical about meeting your own expectations with a new format is common. No matter how promising your product is, marketing has to be a balancing act between pitching your value proposition and striking the chords with your customers. You can’t falter on any of the aspects that keep marketers from introducing a video strategy.”

– Ketan Kapoor, CEO/co-founder, Mettl

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From top left to bottom right: Kim Croy, Ketan Kapoor, Erica Short, James Nutall, Gacia Atachian, and Jessica Day.

Go All In

“One of the biggest mistakes an organization could make when adding video to their strategy is assuming that one video will meet all their needs. Leadership may hesitate to go “all in” with video in their strategy. But one video won’t communicate the full story, and can’t be tailored to multiple subsets of your organization’s audience.

Instead, a company should consider a series of videos to engage their audience over time. Each video can be targeted at a particular audience, or about a specific topic. This allows for greater tailoring of your message, rather than having one high-level piece to apply to all audiences. Collectively, the set of videos should tell the full story of your company’s messaging strategy.”

– Erica Short, production manager, Overflow Storytelling Labs

Get Comfortable

“The best tip for getting started with video marketing is to get comfortable. Being on camera is a daunting task. It’s important to be yourself, and let your personality shine through. And, don’t be nervous. Some of the best videos I ever did came from a doctor with a stutter. He overcame this obstacle to offer compelling information about his practice and the procedures he performs.”

– Kim Croy, senior project and video manager, Page 1 Solutions

Justify Your Expenses

“A lot of businesses struggle to justify the up front costs of video production. However, if planned correctly, it is an absolute winning strategy for anyone with expertise to share in order to build trust and reach with a target audience and, ultimately, sales!

The biggest challenge is justifying the expense involved without knowing the potential outcome.  It’s a chicken and egg thing. You need to launch a series of videos to get the wheels in motion. But you are destined to fail if you don’t invest enough in the quality of camera, editing, lighting, audio, and/or give the campaign enough time. Add to that, some in-house presenters will take a while to properly find their feet and confidence. Perseverance is essential!”

– Alistair Dodds, marketing director, Smoking Chili Media

See The Whole Picture

“A well-executed video is just the beginning. Don’t forget to plan for distribution and sharing. IdeaScale’s first marketing video was hilarious, and even featured up and coming comedians. But nobody saw it. Why? Because I hadn’t planned for a multichannel launch and social strategy. Now when we create a video, we’re thinking about all the platforms that we’ll share it on, the messages and hashtags that we’ll associate with it, and the thought leaders who might be interested in interacting with it. Sometimes it even helps to plan for distribution before you create the content so you can build in references or conversion strategies.”

– Jessica Day, co-founder, VP of marketing & communications, IdeaScale

Learn From Your Audience

“The biggest challenges that businesses face is ensuring that your video truly represents your brand while enticing the viewer to check our your product or service. When you create a video promotion, it won’t appeal to all individuals. Don’t worry — that’s okay. You need to narrow your focus and target a certain segment of your customers.”

– Gacia Atachian, content manager, Kobe Digital

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