Learn Physics With Whiteboard Animation
01.09.2014 | by Shawn
Whiteboard Animation

Learn Physics With Whiteboard Animation

From RSA-style whiteboard animation to motion graphics, some of the best animated explainer videos out there aren’t for a product or business – they’re for an idea. Enjoy these great examples from the likes of National Geographic, novelist Amy Rosenthal, physicist Henry Reich, and something about money.

Is it Better To Walk Or Run In The Rain? – Minute Physics

Minute Physics has settled many bar debates through clear whiteboard animation and RSA-style explainers. No question is too bizarre, and no physics quandary too complicated. Funnily enough, this one’s been making the rounds. Who knew over 5 million people were this interested in the weather?

One Trillion Dollars Visualized – Mint.com

Ask someone what a brief case full of hundred dollar bills looks like and they’ll have a pretty good idea. Tell that same person to visualize $1 trillion – $1,000,000,000,000 – and they’ll count zeroes in the air in front of them (I just did) with no clue what that literal mountain of money looks like, let alone what it can do. Sometimes it takes animation to get a message across.

The clean graphics of this video, combined with tangible concepts – both big – the military budget of every NATO nation – and small – a $3 latte everyday for 900 million years – drive home the value of what $1 trillion can buy. An excellent marriage of a great script, compelling content, and clear delivery.

Kindness Thought Bubble – Amy Krouse Rosenthal/Thought Cafe

Amy starts slowly, and the 4:02 run time is a little long, but she gathers steam at 0:45, and the anecdotal story telling style, references to Confucian “Jen” philosophy, and quirky theme draw you in.

The animation and story arc give it a short film feel, but Amy includes all the elements of great explainer video, namely:

  • Clear definitions
  • Strong Value Statement
  • Information on Complicated Topics
  • A Conclusion

This is a great example of the less conventional long form explanation video, and is well worth watching. Spoiler alert: You might say, “Huh,” at the end. And mean it.

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