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Brand Marketing: Zooey Deschanel In Stop-Motion

Shawn 04.29.2014

Promoting any brand demands impeccable style whether it’s a kitchen appliance or a video game – but what happens when a brand’s reputation is built on style?

This April, American fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger and indie darling Zooey Deschanel teamed up with Macy’s to launch their new joint fashion venture “to Tommy from Zooey.” Both Tommy and Zooey are no strangers to media blitzes, so it’s no surprise to see they went with the perfect video marketing tool to highlight the line’s sleek new look. What did they use?

Why animation, of course.

The main media fixture in the front window of the iconic 34th St. store is a looping stop-motion animation by Instagram superstar Rachel Ryle. Rachel’s 30-second animation features miniature samples from the Hilfiger/Deschanel line, lovingly unpacked from a thimble-sized clothes chest. It’s adorable, but more importantly, it spot-on branding.

Stop-motion animation captures the essence of the design, and of its celebrity spokeswoman. Liz Kimball, Menswear Designer at J. Crew, calls the collection:

“Very ‘Zooey.’ Quirky 1960’s Americana, and vintage with a youthful vibe. It’s a fresh feeling direction for Tommy.”

The animation meshes flawlessly with both Zooey’s and Tommy’s brands, and their selection of Rachel Ryle to illustrate and animate the spot was inspired.

We featured Rachel’s beautiful, imaginative stop-motion work in February, and she graciously shared thoughts on her work ethic, Instagram success, and where she gets her ideas. Read the full interview here. If you’re not following her, do it now.

Here’s just one of my favorite’s from Rachel’s Instagram page (talk about branding!):

Fashion brands are experts at personal branding because they know the first rule of successful video marketing – use a style that suits the product. Rachel Ryle’s clean, quirky stop-motion is the perfect compliment to Zooey’s “Mod Nautical” image, and Tommy’s signature design.

Congrats to Rachel on her excellent work, and to Zooey and Tommy on their impeccable taste – when you work with the best, great animation never goes out of style.


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