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William Gadea 09.29.2010

Many years ago I remember seeing Joseph Campbell on television giving some advice to young people: “Follow your bliss,” he said. Well, I couldn’t disagree, but I did have some reservations. This was probably spiritual advice, I thought. I had to suspect that a lot of people who followed their bliss wound up cold and hungry.

Some time after that I saw a high-powered investment banker guy on Charlie Rose, and Charlie asked essentially the same question: any advice for the young people, Mr. Tycoon? (Sorry, can’t remember the name.) “Yeah,” the guy said. “Do what you love.” Spiritual advice again? Maybe not: here was the rationale: “If you don’t love what you do, and the guy next to you does – it doesn’t matter if you’ve got twenty IQ points on him – he’s still going to beat the pants out of you. Because he’s going to be solving problems in the shower in the morning and in bed at night, and you’re going to be trying to forget about them as soon as you’re in the elevator.” This wasn’t touchy-feely at all; this was hard-nosed.

Maybe the same is true about marketing. I’m a marketing professional, but I also have a business to market. I have a range of options to do that: social media, SEO, search advertising, e-mail, direct mail, and a whole bunch of other options. Sadly, I don’t have the budget to hire somebody who loves to do these things; I have to do them. If I like what I do, I’m not just likelier to do it, I’m likelier to do it well.

What I like to do (and I don’t care if you titter here) is Google AdWords. First of all, there’s the creative challenge of creating an ad in a Haiku-sized package. Then there’s the social science experiment of testing different ads and keywords and bid amounts. When I’m with a spreadsheet figuring out my AdWords strategy I feel like I’m in geek heaven. Obviously, not everyone is going to be like me. If you love being on Facebook, maybe social media is for you. If you like writing, maybe blogging is for you. But unless you have a professional working for you, if you think you can make AdWords work for you without bringing the passion necessary to understand it, you’ve set yourself up for a disappointment. AdWords is a fantastic way to waste money if you don’t do it right.

Even if you do have a professional working for you, it’s still a plus if you enjoy the process. I’ve noticed with my practice that the clients who get the best results think producing an animated video for their business is a blast. (They’re right.)

A lot of experts tell entrepreneurs what the best marketing strategy is. The best marketing strategy is that one that you execute. And you’re likelier to execute it – and execute it well – if you have fun with it.

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William Gadea

William Gadea is the Creative Director and Founder of IdeaRocket. Follow him on twitter: @willgadea.
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