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Case Study: Explaining Environmental Health With Tenneco

Blake Harris 03.21.2016

A little while back, we had the pleasure of working with Tenneco to help them create an explainer video about their new environmental health and safety-tracking program called AEGIS. With over 25,000 employees and offices on six continents, this explainer would need to be accessible to a global audience and persuade viewers that AEGIS is a tool that will ultimately save them time and increase efficiency.

Below is a copy of the resulting explainer video and a brief interview with Lisa Detlefsen, Tenneco’s Personnel Services Supervisor

Tenneco – AEGIS from IdeaRocket on Vimeo.

Q&A with Lisa Detlefsen (Personnel Services Supervisor, Tenneco)

Thank you so much for speaking with us, Lisa. Can you tell us a little bit about Tenneco’s decision to make this explainer video for AEGIS?

Lisa Detlefsen: A lot of times when new programs are rolled out, that program will be explained through long, drawn-out emails. The problem is that employees have limited time and typically aren’t engaged by those kind of e-mails. So we wanted to do something different to release AEGIS—our customized EHS information system that was going out globally—and this gave us a totally different platform to communicate.

As you mentioned, this is a global platform that would need to reach many employees. Can you talk about how it was distributed?

Lisa Detlefsen: We have it embedded in a power point presentation that’s used as a welcome session for the software; to train all AEGIS learners. It’s also part of our e-training site where new employees are directed and will watch that same video.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.44.52 AM

What kind of feedback have you gotten?

Lisa Detlefsen: For EHS, it was probably the first time we used a tool like this. And the feedback from our users has been great, lots of positive feedback.

Lastly, I wanted to ask if you had a favorite part of the video? Or a favorite aspect about how it’s worked for Tenneco?

Lisa Detlefsen: My favorite part about it is how the graphics were designed in such a way that just made the communication of our message so easy to understand. When you’re reading an e-mail, you kind of have to force yourself to pay attention. But with a video like this, when you’re watching something that’s informative and colorful, with great commentary, you can turn your brain off and get the message. The message just jumps inside your head and that’s a wonderful thing.

Blake Harris

Blake Harris is the author of "Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation."
Blake Harris

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