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In recent years, explainer videos have become a pivotal asset in the breakout success of companies like Dropbox, Groupon, and Salesforce.com. Why? Because it provides an easy and effective way for businesses to quickly explain their business proposition.

When potential customers visit the homepage of your website, an explainer video can serve as an informative and entertaining ambassador for your brand. Instead of clicking around in an aimless hunt for information, an explainer video enables your visitors to press play, lean back, and in a brief time absorb the essence of your company’s message.

IdeaRocket’s approach to explainer videos emphasizes story and character. We make your offering more compelling by bringing to life your prospect’s pain point, and then dramatizing the solution you provide to that pain. Below, you can see two very different approaches to two distinct challenges.

Case Study: Venmo

Technique: 2d Animation in comic book format
Objective: To explain and promote Venmo
Project Details: Shortly after they were bought by Braintree for $26 million, Venmo approached IdeaRocket about producing a video to explain their service to users. Working directly with Venmo co-founder, Iqram Magdon Ismail, IdeaRocket conceived of a comic book approach to communicate the social dimension of sending money. Since the video was made, the amount of money that Venmo processes has grown by a factor of more than 100x, and the stand-alone value of the company – now owned by PayPal – is estimated to be well over a billion dollars.


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