Broadcast Commercials

With engaging characters and precise storytelling, IdeaRocket has created memorable, brand-building spots in the broadcast space.

Director William Gadea has partnered with Art Director Robert Kopecky to create memorable spots for brands such as Eastlink and Dare Breton. Their work has an elegant, classical sensibility.


William Gadea has also partnered with Art Director Gideon Kendall to create spots for Doylestown Hospital and the Knicks/Rangers. Kendall’s characters have a loose, rubbery quality, and his comedic sense is unerring.

Case Study: Dare Breton

Technique: Whiteboard with additional animation
Objective: Introduce Dare Breton’s Gluten-Free crackers
Project Details: The Grip Agency in Toronto wanted to use a real customer testimonial to introduce Dare Breton’s new line of gluten-free crackers to the Canadian market. They felt that the animation-enhanced whiteboard style that IdeaRocket had pioneered in their work for Eastlink would be a graceful counterpart to a voice-over testimonial. Director William Gadea and Art Director Robert Kopecky partnered up to tell a heartfelt story in a wry way, with a dynamic, filigreed look. The spot was so successful Dare Breton return to us to create a commercial introducing their Bean crackers.


Case Study: Madison Square Garden

Technique: Whiteboard animation
Objective: Promote the download of MSG apps
Project Details: Madison Square Garden sought to create a package of videos for their teams, the Knicks and the Rangers, promoting their smartphone app. The videos would be broadcast as well as shown on the Jumbotron screen during games. MSG Producer Susan Rosenberg loved the traditional whiteboard style, but she wanted to bring the energy up to match the sports action. Creative Director William Gadea suggested moving through the drawing in planar 3D space, bringing a new dynamism to the style. Designer Gideon Kendall brought his rubbery, relatable and very funny characters, as well as his unerring sense of staging and comedy. This package was honored with a Telly Award for Branded Content.


"The final product was exactly what we were looking for. It was a great experience and there was tremendous collaboration between us and IdeaRocket."

- Susan Rosenberg, Producer, Madison Square Garden

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