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With the success of companies like Pixar and Dreamworks Animation, 3D animation (sometimes called Computer-Generated Imagery, or CGI) has become the most popular form of animation among audiences.

3d animation is created by forming models of objects or characters in a computer’s mathematical space. These models are assigned with virtual materials, lit by virtual lights, and shot with virtual cameras.

The end result can be anything from a photo-real depiction of life to a wondrously fantastical vision.


Frequently asked questions

Costs in 3d animation vary enormously. Simple motion graphics can often be no more expensive than 2d animation, but because skills in this field are more specialized, as the project grows in complexity the pipeline grows longer and more complicated too, adding to costs.

IdeaRocket generally delivers 3d videos within 5 weeks after script approval, but this period varies depending on the complexity of the project and can often be shortened. Rendering times in 3d can be significant, so that should be factored in scheduling.

3d animation is a technique that has broad appeal for audiences, but if your project depends on showing the topography of an object or place, then it becomes a hard-to-beat option.

The 3d pipeline is far more specialized than the 2d animation pipeline. For that reason, a 3d animation studio should have access (either on-staff or through a corpus of freelancers) to designers, modelers, shaders, riggers, animators and technical directors that are proficient at their craft. All the basic skills of storyboarding and storytelling are still required too.


Our 3d
production process



We find out about your message, objective, strategy and brand.



We take your message and boil it down to a story that can capture hearts and minds.



We create a visual language that can bring that story to life.


Storyboard animatic

We match voice to picture so that they work together.


Modeling and rigging

The characters, sets and props in the video are modeled and rigged in preparation for animation.


Shading and texturing

Materials are applied to all the models in the scene; this defines how they look and interact with light.


Animation: rough to final

The action in the video is animated and rendered in rough form so that the movement can be evaluated.


Lighting and rendering

All scenes are illuminated with virtual lights and rendered digitally.


Music and sound design

We add music and sound effects to help the image land. The video is now ready to deliver!


Stephanie Murrin

Stephanie Murrin HealthEd / Chief Creative Officer

“I really enjoyed working with the entire team at IdeaRocket. They’re talented,
accommodating and great to work with. Overall a really great experience
and I was incredibly happy with their work!”

Steve Hanley CEO / Founder, Know Better

“IdeaRocket really brought our product’s benefits to life with imagination and humor. We are very proud of the results!”

Susan Rosenberg

Susan Rosenberg Senior Producer Madison Square Garden

“The final product was exactly what we were looking for. It was a great experience and there was tremendous collaboration between us and IdeaRocket.”

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Ready for take off? Contact us

Interested in working with us? Send us a note!