Shawn Forno

Video SEO: 13 Ways Video Boosts SEO

A great explainer video does more than just explain what your company is all about. Online video boosts your SEO so that your site gets more links, more views, and better results for the keywords that matter most to you and your target audience. And it gets better, once people click over to your site, your explainer video improves other SEO metrics like dwell time, bounce rate and CTR so that your website stays on top of the Google pile. Video is the ultimate one-two punch for any SEO strategy. Video gets your site to rank for competitive keywords and video keeps people around for long enough to engage with your high quality content (which Google loves). Here are 13 ways video boosts SEO and why video SEO is so important for your brand, your conversions, and your company growth.

Shawn Forno 11.21.2017