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Employees watch a new recruiting video

8 Best Recruitment Videos To Inspire Your Next Job Posting

Recruiting videos have become an essential part of any hiring tool kit. They’re your chance to attract great candidates by showing off your company culture. The best recruitment videos don’t just deliver information about your business, they inspire job seekers. 

Yes, we said inspire. Forget bland talking head videos and tired shots of the office reception area. The best recruitment videos are as unique as the company cultures they showcase.

Some are serious, chronicling the triumphs and accomplishments of their strong-willed employees. Others take a more playful approach — funny hiring videos can show candidates that your company has personality. Here are some recent examples of both approaches, and everything in between.

The Best Recruitment Videos We’ve Seen Lately

  1. Intuit: Workplace of the Future
  2. NASA: The Universe is Calling
  3. Where Tech Meets Travel
  4. Deloitte: Discover Your Impact
  5. Dropbox: Build the Future
  6. Starbucks: Handcraft
  7. Novo Nordisk: Life Changing Career
  8. Fisher-Price:Let’s Be Kids

Before we dig into these examples, let’s look at what goes into great employee recruitment videos.

What Job Seekers Want from Recruitment Videos

According to the 2023 Global Candidate Experience Benchmark research report, 70% of employers use videos to engage candidates. You can approach brainstorming your next recruiting video the same way you would a sales or marketing project. This time, instead of selling a product or service, you’re selling an opportunity to work at your company. 

The benchmark report found that candidates are most interested in marketing material that covers:

  • company values
  • products/services information
  • diversity and inclusion

The best recruiting videos cover these topics in an interesting and engaging way. The goal isn’t just to inform the potential employee. Videos should inspire employees and make them eager to apply.

Our Picks for the 8 Best Recruitment Videos 

Intuit: Workplace of the Future

Most recruitment videos default to live action, but this video we made for Intuit proves that it’s possible to take a more animated approach. Animation let Intuit envision a future that spanned many locations and ways of working, without making their employees appear on camera.

The whole script speaks to the company values, while the character animation reflects Intuit’s views on diversity and inclusion. 

NASA: The Universe is Calling

You may not be able to get Morgan Freeman to voice your video, but there’s still a lot to learn from this beautiful NASA astronaut recruiting video. It’s inspiring and speaks to the core characteristics the administration is looking for. 

Every shot is beautiful and backed by compelling music. The CTA is strong and clear: Apply now to become a NASA astronaut. Careers: Where Tech Meets Travel

Speaking of NASA, this video opens with a NASA reference and a bit of humor. This video has personality and humor. Values are front and center, not just in the voiceover, but in the quick-moving scenes and transitions. We the employee’s pets, pianos, and ah-ha moments. 

The employees featured are diverse, with different bodies, accents, and ways of working. This video speaks not just to what the company does, but how they do it.

Deloitte: Discover Your Impact

This video makes working at Deloitte feel like getting picked for America’s Got Talent. It’s bright and bold. At the same time, it speaks directly to the concerns and anxieties of potential employees.

Once again, the featured employees are diverse in race, gender, age, and body. But it also includes some specific statements about equity. It’s hard to watch this video and not want to be a part of what they’re doing.

Dropbox: Build the Future

We talk a lot about Dropbox as the originator of one of history’s classic explainer videos. It seems like video has always been an integral part of their marketing and recruitment strategy. 

This particular video uses animation and unusual perspectives to look to the future. This video checks all the boxes. It talks about what the company does and the values that drive them, while featuring a diverse group of animated employees and customers. 

Starbucks: Handcraft Your Barista Experience

We absolutely love how Starbucks uses simple line animation and motion graphics to illustrate the employee’s story. It elevates a simple talking head video into something sweet and engaging. 

This video takes a really personalized approach, telling the story from JJ’s unique perspective. Along the way, he touches on the values that Starbucks promotes as well as what it’s like to be a Starbucks employee day-to-day.

Novo Nordisk: Life-Changing Career

This video from Novo Nordisk teeters on the edge of being a routine piece of marketing. What really elevates this to best recruitment video status is the unique perspective. The camera occasionally flips to show the building and the workspaces from unexpected viewpoints. 

The value messages are strong, and the DEI messaging is subtle but pervasive. Multiple races, accents and genders show up in this video, highlighting the global team and approach. 

Fisher-Price: Let’s Be Kids

This is the latest in a long line of Fisher Price “Let’s Be Kid” commercials. It’s bright and fun, while remaining warm. The subtle use of animations and motion graphics adds additional pop and color making the video even more playful. 

This particular video focuses closely on the brand’s values. Specifically, the value of fun and play. 

Think Outside the Box for the Best Recruitment Videos

All of the videos we’ve shared here are produced and distributed by the company, but there is another route. Some brands are partnering with influencers or other brands to tell their stories. Remember, recruiting videos are a type of marketing, and influencers have become a core tool in the modern marketing toolbox. 

While you’re at it, keep in mind that potential employees can see all of your marketing, not just the videos aimed specifically at them. When you put together an About Us explainer video or a Founder’s Story, you’re speaking to both customers and potential employees. 

So make sure every video you create accurately represents your brand and consistently shares your values. For help crafting your next recruitment video, contact the video experts at IdeaRocket. We can’t wait to work with you!

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