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4 of the Best Video Hosting Sites For Business Videos

The best video hosting sites for your business can amplify your video marketing efforts. Video hosting services enable users to upload and share their content on the internet in a reliable way. Going straight to internet giant YouTube might seem like the obvious answer, but there are good reasons to use other services.

As video creators who have worked with hundreds of brands, we’ve also tested out dozens of video hosting platforms for business videos. These four are our favorites. 

Feature Chart: Best Video Hosting Sites 

features chart for the best video hosting sites including youtube, vimeo, wistea, and brightcove

Is YouTube the Best Video Hosting Site?

Unless you’ve ignored the internet for the last 20 years, you know what YouTube is. The ever-growing video platform trails only parent company Google as the second largest search engine. They welcome 2.5 billion users every month.

Although YouTube is not designed specifically to serve companies, many still use it. And for good reason. Since this site has so many visitors, it may be the place your video is most discoverable. Also, the robust YouTube analytics feature is based on Google Analytics. It can tell you who watched your video and for how long, plus how they found it.

The barrier to entry is also really low. The only requirement for creating a YouTube channel is having a Google account. You can livestream as long as your account is verified. Plus, you can add clickable annotations called cards to the end of your videos to promote your other content.

Mainly an entertainment and social platform, YouTube is a great tool for content creators who want to grow their subscriber base on the platform. It can build your audience and increase brand recognition. 

Since YouTube is essentially a video search engine, your videos are easy to find on the platform. Unsurprisingly, YouTube videos also rank well on Google.

SEO and Discoverability When Hosting Videos on YouTube

Hosting on YouTube definitely increases discoverability, but searchers are likely to end up on YouTube rather than your website. So your video may be more likely to show up in search engines, but it won’t help your SEO. That might not be a problem if your goal is brand recognition or awareness rather than increased web traffic.  

The amount of content on YouTube is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you can easily find a video on almost any topic in one user-friendly place. On the other hand, your video can easily get lost in the noise.

Pre-roll Ads on YouTube

It’s also worth noting that YouTube shows ads before every video, even if you don’t want them. The Google Ads platform allows advertisers to run ads across the entire Google advertising platform, including YouTube. If your channel is part of the YouTube Partner Program, it may be eligible for revenue shares from those ads, otherwise only YouTube profits.

Affiliate marketing is allowed on YouTube, so adding affiliate links to the video itself or to the video’s description can help you earn revenue. 

Our Top Pick For the Best Video Hosting Site: Vimeo

screenshot of IdeaRocket's page on the vimeo video hosting platform

If YouTube has one real competitor, it’s Vimeo. Vimeo is the second largest video hosting platform with 260 million monthly users – still substantially behind YouTube’s 2.5 billion.

One of the aspects that sets the two apart is their communities. Vimeo prides themselves on having high-quality content, more attractive site design, and a more artistic indie audience compared to YouTube.

Vimeo also provides four paid service tiers for users: Starter, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. They come with a range of features at different price points making hosting scalable as companies grow and their video marketing needs evolve. 

Vimeo Standard Plan

With Vimeo Standard, businesses can customize their player to fit their brand image and add custom calls-to-action. The plan also includes contact forms with email collectors to generate leads and improve engagement. This feature pairs with email software – like MailChimp – to make retrieving the contact information a breeze.

Vimeo Standard also tracks three categories of analytics: basic, engagement, and social. This gives users access to engagement graphs that track video performance and show what interests viewers the most. The plan lets businesses create a custom video link for SEO. 

Wistia, A B2B Video Hosting Site

video host

Wistia calls itself “the video hosting platform made for B2B marketers.” It is designed for companies that want to use video on their own website to drive traffic. This increased traffic to your site will help boost your SEO.

You can also restrict the domains (Vimeo and Youtube also have this function) to stop people from embedding your video anywhere you don’t want it.

The control you have over content doesn’t stop there. You can also customize the player to change the color and size so that the video fits well with the design and brand of your site. 

Wistia has a similar email collector to Vimeo – called turnstile – that can require viewers to add their email before they can continue watching.

With all these features comes a price. Wistia can get pretty expensive. Their Plus package starts at $19, but offers just 20 videos and basic analytics. To get the advanced analytics that make Wistia truly valuable, you’ll need the Pro Package, which starts at $79 per month for up to 50 videos. 

Advanced Analytics Tools with Wistia

Wistia’s heatmap analytic display shows an in-depth graphical representation of an individual viewing session. It gives you personalized information about how individuals engage with your video by attributing viewing activity to specific emails.

Wistia video host heatmap

You can use it to see if international viewers tune out quicker or which part of the video interests your viewers the most. The darker parts of the heatmap signify segments of the video viewers watched multiple times. The lighter areas are parts viewers watched only once or not at all.

Wistia can get pretty expensive with their Pro Package coming in at $79 per month compared to Vimeo Standards’s price of $33 per month. You also don’t get the exposure that searchable platforms like YouTube and Vimeo can give you.

Brightcove, Maybe Not For Everyone

Founded in 2004, Brightcove has always been on the cutting edge. They provide high-quality video streaming across all devices – especially mobile.

While Brightcove is pretty comparable to Wistia, it isn’t nearly as user-friendly. Brightcove suffers from having a clumsy interface and hard-to-use player customizer.

Brightcove boasts a highly sophisticated analytics feature that will create a customized analytics report that fits your company’s needs. The analytics feature also lets you see how your video is performing with particular audiences.

They also provide a high-quality live streaming function that allows you to broadcast any of your events live in HD. You can choose the ads that go on your content to better monetize your stream and also give your audience the ability to pause and rewind the event.

Unfortunately, Brightcove’s pricing is a bit of a mystery. They market themselves as offering custom solutions, so you’ll need to talk to a sales rep to get the pricing for your business. It appears as though the least expensive option is $199/month and the platform requires an annual contract. 

With its advanced features, Brightcove can be an amazing video hosting platform and can give your business the leg up it needs to stand out from the crowd. But the price and complexity may be more than many businesses can handle.

Choosing The Best Video Hosting Site for Your Business

The right video host comes down to your budget and goals. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to just one. To maximize exposure you might post some videos on both YouTube and Vimeo. These platforms are great at building awareness and helping new audiences discover your content. 

For audiences further down the funnel, you might host videos on Wistia or Brightcove. These platforms have the infrastructure to help you achieve conversions.

Ultimately, the best video host is the one (or ones) that works for your business. So experiment and see what works for you. Of course, before you start with any of these platforms, you need videos to host. That’s where IdeaRocket comes in. 

We create videos in 2d and 3d animation, as well as whiteboard. We’ve worked with healthcare, technology, and many other industries. And we’ve created employee-facing videos for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Contact our video experts today to find out more.

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