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Best Medical Animation Companies For Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Brands

If you’re looking for the best medical animation company for your pharmaceutical or healthcare brand, you’re probably looking for a video producer with a few key traits: 

  • Understanding of the medical industry, its terminology, and regulations. 
  • A flexible style to meet your needs and the needs of your patients or customers.
  • Experience creating medical animations for brands or organizations like yours.

Some of the animation companies out there have one or two of these traits. Very few have all three. We’ll help you explore the possibilities to find the best medical animation company for your video project. 

The Best Medical Animation Companies Compared

  • IdeaRocket
  • Random42
  • XVIVO Scientific Animation
  • Hybrid Medical Animation
  • Microverse Studios


Pharmaceutical and healthcare brands of all sizes trust IdeaRocket to create medical animation videos for their patients and professionals. Our script writers and animators work closely with clients to understand the story they want to tell and the science behind it. 

We build in time for legal approvals and client reviews, while explaining life science in an accurate and compelling way. Our experience creating videos for pharma clients like Pfizer, Novartis, Lilly and Astra-Zeneca, Hospitals like Mass General Brigham and Johns Hopkins, and agencies like Grey, Health4Brands, and others has attuned us to the special needs of medical and healthcare clients.

Our range and diversity of style means we can package complex technical information in an informative and engaging way, whether we’re creating mechanism of action videos, patient education videos, or trial recruiting videos.

For example, the video below for Pfizer takes a mixed media approach, combining animation and still images to share compelling information about Pfizer’s cancer research. 

The video below takes a more playful approach to introduce viewers to Lasik. The striking visuals and bold colors help refute some common myths about this medical procedure.

This last video is more of a Mechanism of Disease video, showing how neuropsychiatric diseases interact with neurons in the brain.  


Random42 combines beautiful animation with compelling voiceover. They seem to understand how to put a story together, capturing the audience quickly and clearly explaining the MOD or MOA. Audio editing ads rather than detracts from the animation, offering viewers an immersive experience.

They’ve disabled sharing, so you’ll have to go to YouTube to watch an example of their work. It introduces the viewer to an idea and then walks them through the process step-by-step. 

This is a high-end company based in London, but they have many U.S. clients. Boasting a large team that includes scientists and doctors, Random42 is a leader in the industry. 


Specifically focused on scientific animation, Xvivo looks like a great choice for MOA and MOD animation. Their work is beautiful, like something from a high-end documentary. If you’re looking for this very specific style, they’ll deliver. They can also help produce medical illustrations for print outlets.

Unfortunately, we can’t embed an example of their work here, but this video is a great example of their general style and approach. As you can see, their animation is high quality, however, broader storytelling that helps viewers connect to the content isn’t really their forte. 

Hybrid Medical Animation

Another company that excels in MOA and MOD videos, Hybrid Medical Animation also offers device videos. They have a physician on staff to provide a medical viewpoint and an in-house studio crew focused specifically on medical animation. 

The video below animates the blood flow inside a beating heart to illustrate cardiac hemodynamics. 

From mobile apps to trade show presentations, they apply the same systematic approach. While they use the word “story” to describe what they’re creating, most of their videos simply show how something works. 

Microverse Studios (Formerly Cosmocyte)

Microverse does all the MOA, MOD and medical device animation you would expect, plus medical motion graphics. They tend toward intense music and quick transitions. 

The video below explores a new treatment for pterygium, a growth in the eye. While the opening includes more traditional medical animation, the end of the video highlights clinical data in more of a slideshow presentation style. 

Expect your video production to take around two months. Microverse delivers medical and scientific animation with a small team of biomedical animators.

Choosing the Best Healthcare Animation Company

By now you may have noticed that many of these companies focus exclusively on medical animation. They don’t make explainer videos for other industries or work with a wide range of clients. 

IdeaRocket is the exception. Although about a third of our work is for the healthcare sector, we create videos for organizations of all types. We think that’s a benefit for you. When an agency works exclusively in healthcare, there are certain muscles that don’t get flexed all that often; ours are toned on a broad range of skills. 

Yes, we’ve created medical animations for major pharmaceuticals like Pfizer, but we’ve also worked with smaller biotech companies, physician’s groups, medical associations, and major universities. We excel at telling stories, and we work closely with our clients to make sure every detail is accurate.

View our portfolio of patient education videos, healthcare provider education videos, medical device videos and, of course MOD and MOA videos to see for yourself. Or contact the animation experts at IdeaRocket today.

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