Lessons From The Best Healthcare Videos

Amy Onorato 07.10.2018

Healthcare organizations are dedicated to providing quality care to patients who may be going through some of the most difficult moments of their lives. They must earn the trust of their patients, and they have the potential to become go-to resources for those wanting to learn more about their healthcare options.

Video can play a vital role for healthcare providers. They can be used as teaching tools, to explain complex process, for marketing, or for training and retaining quality medical talent.

Here are a few examples of how healthcare organizations are using video today to improve their organizations:

Healthcare Education

The first step towards promoting healthy living is through awareness and education. Video can be used to help educate patients about recognizing symptoms, or teach them about at-home care. Educational videos can also be used within healthcare facilities to train practitioners in a more engaging way.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention uses live action to create a compelling explainer video intended to educate elderly patients about the risks of Hepatitis B.

In this animated video, the American Medical Association breaks down what patients need to do to take their own blood pressure. This video is short, but comprehensive, making it easy to share or use as a quick explainer at a self-serve pharmacy station.

This video from AlliedHealthTools is also about taking blood pressure, but is aimed towards helping train practitioners. This video is longer — something you would expect to see during an employee or student training session:

At IdeaRocket, we created a video to help educate patients on the ins and out of the patient journey. The video is intended to help patients understand how to evaluate their doctors, and what to expect from their healthcare providers:

Mission And Values

Building trust with patients and their families is crucial for healthcare facilities. Patients need to know they can rely on medical staff to deliver quality care, and the facility is dedicated to meeting patient needs.

Mount Sinai Healthcare System created a roughly four-minute video outlining their goals, and what patients can expect when receiving treatment:

NYU Langone Medical Center took a different approach with this animated explainer video raising awareness for the need for more organ donors in the NYC area:

NYU Langone also released a series of short videos that spotlight doctors from different departments. Real NYU Langone employees tell their own stories of why they decided to go into their medical field of choice, and how they want to achieve their own personal missions as healthcare providers. The series, which also ran as broadcast commercials, humanizes the medical staff, and helps patients get to know their doctors before they seek care.

Patient Testimonials

As we’ve written about before, a compelling video narrative puts the customer (or in this case, the patient) at the center of the story. Patient testimonials can help build trust and familiarity.  Viewers who may be going through similar struggles can relate to these journeys, and see what treatment was like from a first-hand perspective.

Memorial Sloan Kettering, one of the highest-ranked cancer treatment centers in the country, released a series of videos highlighting real patient stories, and their journey overcoming their disease:

MOA Videos (Mechanism of Action Videos)

A mechanism of action (MOA) video helps visually explain how a drug or device typically interacts with the human body. Like explainer videos, MOA videos can help healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical representatives better illustrate complex processes.

Popular types of MOA videos include whiteboard animation video, and 3D animated video.

Here is an example of a whiteboard MOA video on diabetes, produced by the team here at IdeaRocket.

This example, produced by healthcare marketing agency StoneArch, uses a combination of live action video and 3D animation to illustrate how the drug EXOGEN works to help heal bone fractures:

For more, check out our complete guide on Producing an Animated MOA Video

Broadcast Commercials

In 2016, New York Presbyterian Hospital released “Unmaking a Killer” a powerful animated explainer video detailing the effects of immunotherapy. The commercial ran during the Super Bowl that year, and garnered attention for its simple, yet informative design. Though not quite a true MOA video, this commercial takes a creative approach to explaining a very complex subject to the masses.

Recruiting Videos

Recruiting exceptional medical talent is a must for top healthcare providers. Ideal recruiting videos help show potential employees the benefits of working with an organization, and what to expect from their time there.

Northwell Health speaks directly to potential employees by outlining their “employee promise.” The video is strategically placed on the company’s Indeed page, so job seekers can easily access more information in a visually engaging way.


Healthcare organizations can use video in dynamic ways – from educating patients and the public, to training staff, or in recruiting or marketing campaigns. Learn more about IdeaRocket’s approach to healthcare videos here.

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