IdeaRocket has been honored to work with a number of educational institutions –including John Hopkins University and University of Maryland – to promote innovation and enable viewers to visualize future educational changes and opportunities.

We have also provided animated educational videos to both institutions and companies, so as to make instruction both more effective and more affordable.

Case Study: UMUC

Technique: Whiteboard
Objective: Explain a working group’s recommendation regarding UMUC’s legal status and its future.
Project Details: The University Communications office engaged IdeaRocket to create a 10-minute video explaining the Board of Visitors recommendations regarding what legal status would best serve the needs of UMUC’s current and future students, as well as the institution itself. The task was to convince stakeholders — including students, faculty, staff, legislators, and the media — of the need to make changes to their operating model. UMUC was so happy with the result that they did without a paper report, allowing the video to stand as the definitive record of the group’s deliberations.


Case Study: The Langley School

Technique: Whiteboard
Objective: To promote the Langley School to Parents
Project Details: The Langley School is a kindergarten through 8th grade institution in Northern Virginia. The Langley staff had noticed that it is sometimes bypassed by parents who assume that a Kindergarten through 12th grade experience will be better for their child, so they engaged IdeaRocket to create a video making the case for the advantages of a K-8 school. We leveraged Langley’s Arc of Development concept to argue for an institution that concentrates its resources and efforts on the crucial early years of a child’s life.


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