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IdeaRocket is proud to have worked with financial service providers such as Bank of America and Citibank to explain everything from the basics of investing platforms to complex new technologies.

Our Manhattan-based location and firsthand, financial-sector experience from members of our personnel has uniquely positioned IdeaRocket to assist the industry’s leading firms with internal and external messaging.

Case Study: Citibank

Technique: Whiteboard animation
Objective: To differentiate Citibank relocation services
Project Details: Citibank offers relocation services for the employees of its large-company clients. In these situations, the bank is often lined up against its competitors as one in a menu of options. Citibank wanted to differentiate itself with a personal approach, so IdeaRocket crafted a warm and witty whiteboard narrative to achieve that end.


Case Study: Slice Insurance

Technique: 2d animation
Objective: To introduce Slice insurance services
Project Details: Slice Insurance is a pioneer in the on-demand insurance space. They came to IdeaRocket with a vision for their website already worked out: it included a simple, clean palette with a lot of white space and very geometric, vector-based backgrounds. We combined these elements with simple, colorful characters and a dynamic, lateral movement to create an effect that Slice feels is a true and vital expression of their brand. As is appropriate for a mobile-based service, this video’s text-only approach is very social media-friendly.


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