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In today’s corporation, communicating with your employees in a clear and compelling way has become increasingly challenging. With so many things competing for your employees’ attention, how can you educate them? Inspire them? What tools can you use to initiate change?

An engaging internal video can be a powerful solution. At IdeaRocket, we’re proud to have partnered with some of the world’s greatest companies to create videos that inform, persuade, and inspire their people.

We have partnered with consumer goods giant Kimberly-Clark create a series of videos training their worldwide personnel in the company’s marketing workflow. Verizon hired us to create a video, narrated by one of their employees, bringing to life the Verizon Credo. Gaming company Electronic Arts hired us to create a series explaining the EA approach to career development. (Sadly, not all of these videos are shareable on our portfolio.)


In each case, we took the time to understand the company’s culture. We identified and adopted the company’s voice when it is speaking to its employees, so that we could be an integral part of comprehensive communicational effort.


We believe video has a number of advantages over text-only approaches: it is easier to consume, promotes better retention, and is often more stirring and emotive. And video has advantages over in-person training too: it is archival, can be consumed on demand, and often is less expensive than an event.

Case Study: Electronic Arts

Technique: Whiteboard Animation
Objective: Encourage employees to participate in career development program.
Project Details: Video-game maker Electronic Arts wanted to create a video series to promote its career development program, but they were adamant that these videos should reflect the company’s smart, creative and nerdy culture. IdeaRocket suggested that we make the videos as if they were a fantasy video game themselves. The resulting product has engaged EA employees with great success.


Case Study: Tenneco

Technique: 2D Character Animation
Objective: Persuade and motivate employees to adopt new internal software
Project Details: As Tenneco prepared to launch their new EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) reporting system, it was vital that a workforce sometimes resistant to change be persuaded of the platform’s function and importance. They asked IdeaRocket to create an internal video that would explain the system to their people simply and memorably. Considering this challenge, we were intrigued to learn that the platform’s name, AEGIS, was an allusion to Athena’s shield in Greek mythology. Using that as our entry point into the video, we crafted a character-based narrative that would entertain and enlighten employees.


“It was the first time we used a tool like this and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. IdeaRocket was a wonderful partner. They made our message so easy to understand.”

- Lisa Detlefsen, Personnel Services Supervisor, Tenneco

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