Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is animation that uses shapes and text in dynamic ways to help bring stories and concepts to life. While it is ideal for showcasing stats and information, motion graphics is also useful for companies looking to avoid character-led messaging that might not be right for their brand.

Case Study: Marriott

Technique: Motion Graphics
Objective: Kick-off an event with energy, while introducing the event theme
Project Details: Image Media, Inc. needed to create a video to kick off a conference for its client, Marriott Hotels. This asset would introduce the theme of the event, but ideally, it would also get participants energized and excited about what was coming up. IdeaRocket developed a photo-montage style to communicate the issue of technological change in the hospitality industry in a modern, vivid way.


Case Study: CEB Effortless Experience

Technique: Motion Graphics in 3D
Objective: Promote the release of The Effortless Experience
Project Details: In The Effortless Experience, author Matthew Dixon and his colleagues at CEB wrote a book that challenges the conventional wisdom about customer loyalty. To help spread the remarkable findings of their research and analysis, they brought on IdeaRocket to create a book trailer communicating the value of their message. To capture the book’s unconventional thesis and provide a glimpse of its real world ramifications, IdeaRocket used 3D animation to craft a dynamic explainer video that helped sell books and win acclaim in the business community.

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