While technology companies have the burden of making their processes understood, often the more critical challenge to their success is explaining their innovative business models and value propositions.

At IdeaRocket, we enjoy collaborating with exciting startups that are bringing innovation to market. Our ability to translate complex ideas into accessible and entertaining stories allows our partners’ messages to break through a noisy marketplace and leave a lasting impression.

Case Study: Alcatel-Lucent

Technique: 2d Animation
Objective: To explain a new offering
Project Details: Among other things, Alcatel-Lucent sells network hardware and software to enterprises. Their new offering provided unified access: one network for both wired and wireless users, providing unified rules, management, and access. IdeaRocket conceived of a fall-of-the-wall metaphor to communicate the pain before the product, as well as the liberation users would feel afterwards. An original score was commissioned to dramatize the narrative. This video was highly successful and popular with the Alcatel-Lucent salesforce. We were happy to be invited back to make another video for them.


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