3D Animation

With the success of companies like Pixar and Dreamworks Animation, 3D animation (sometimes called Computer-Generated Imagery, or CGI) has become the most popular form of animation among audiences. By creating a virtual world with its own objects, materials, and lights, 3D animation can create exceedingly rich and dimensional imagery.

Case Study: CEB Effortless Experience

Technique: 3d motion graphics
Objective: Promote the release of The Effortless Experience
Project Details: In The Effortless Experience, author Matthew Dixon and his colleagues at CEB wrote a book that challenges the conventional wisdom about customer loyalty. To help spread the remarkable findings of their research and analysis, they brought on IdeaRocket to create a book trailer communicating the value of their message. To capture the book’s unconventional thesis and provide a glimpse of its real world ramifications, IdeaRocket used 3D animation to craft a dynamic explainer video that helped sell books and win acclaim in the business community.

Case Study: Rubbermaid

Technique: 3d motion graphics
Objective: Promote the Enhance™ line of trash cans
Project Details: Splash Worldwide contracted IdeaRocket to create a 3d video for its client, Rubbermaid. The video would have music but no narration, emphasizing the design aspect of Enhance™, a new line of trash cans with replaceable panels that can be matched to any interior design style. IdeaRocket combined a simple, modernist graphic style with a flowing, dynamic motion style; photography of interiors and CGI imagery of the cans were blended together seamlessly.


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