Creating animation for the healthcare sector comes with inherent challenges: the sensibilities of the audience, the need for accuracy, and steep regulatory and legal requirements. With extensive experience in this industry, IdeaRocket is practiced at clearing these hurdles.

We have had the pleasure of working with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, AstraZeneca, LEO Pharma, Lilly, and Partners Healthcare. We have created everything from mechanism-of-action videos to unbranded awareness campaigns.


We also have robust experience working with healthcare agencies such as JUICE Pharma, Grey Healthcare Group, Graves Fowler, HealthEd, and AgencyRX, as well as nonprofit organizations like the Central California Alliance for Health and the National Quality Forum.

Case Study: Novo Nordisk/Phoenix Marketing

Technique: Whiteboard Animation
Objective: Describe the pathophysiology of diabetes
Project Details: Novo Nordisk and its agency, Phoenix Marketing, sought to create an unbranded video describing the pathophysiology of diabetes to an audience of health care providers. In the discovery phase, IdeaRocket learned of a seminal paper by Ralph DeFronzo that spoke of an Ominous Octet of factors contributing to the onset of Type II diabetes. This mention stirred the imaginations of IdeaRocket Creative Director William Gadea and designer Gwen Singley. They decided to anthropomorphize human organs into a jazz octet, bringing charm and understated humor to what might be a dry topic.


Case Study: The Patient Journey

Technique: 2d animation
Objective: Educate doctors about drug adherence
Project Details: Drug regimen adherence is a serious health issue jeopardizing the care of many patients. Through its agency, HealthEd, Lilly organized a webinar to educate physicians about the problem and ways to address it. This video was shown to doctors in segments, each kicking off a part of the webinar that looked at each phase of the patient journey. In conjunction with HealthEd, IdeaRocket devised a modern and iconic character style that communicated the emotive freight that patients carry.


I really enjoyed working with the entire team at IdeaRocket. They’re talented, accommodating and great to work with. Overall a really great experience and I was incredibly happy with their work!

– Stephanie Murrin, HealthEd

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