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B2B Influencer Marketing Boosts Credibility and Awareness

When Banish Angural first started exploring B2B influencer marketing, he was skeptical. He thought only consumer brands could use influencers. But as Banish Media started working with more SaaS, fintech and enterprise software clients, his opinion changed. 

“We realized the B2B buyer’s journey is becoming more consumer-like. Decision makers are doing tons of research online and getting educated through trusted voices…aka influencers,” Banish said. 

Now, influencer marketing is part of almost every content strategy they create for clients. And they’re not alone. By the end of 2023, 75% of marketing professionals were using B2B influencer marketing and most of those planned to intensify their campaigns.


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What B2B Influencer Marketing Can Do For Your Brand

Done right, influencer marketing can deliver big results for brands. Dmitriy Bobriakov, Marketing Manager at RealEstateU reports a 5-10x return on investment measurable in lead generation and pipeline growth.

  • With a single co-branded whitepaper RealEstateU generated 5,000 downloads and hundreds of high-quality leads.
  • Balance Once Supplements achieved a 30% increase in website visits by healthcare professionals over the previous quarter.
  • They also saw a 20% bump in inquiries from professionals who wanted to know more about their wholesale program and carry Balance One Supplements.
  • Banish Media’s campaign generated more than 1,800 highly qualified opt-in leads in just 3 months at what Banish called an “absurdly low” cost per lead.

Brands don’t get these kinds of results by repurposing consumer-facing strategies. B2B influencer marketing demands a unique approach.

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Making B2B Influencer Marketing Work For Brands

Katie Devoe, CEO of CBD Nationwide said “When we first dipped our toes into B2B influencer marketing, we thought we had it all figured out. Partner with the biggest names, kick back, and watch the sales pour in. Man, were we in for a rude awakening.” 

Their audience of science-minded professionals weren’t impressed by the big names. They wanted real data and insights. Rather than dumping their influencers, Devoe and her team reimagined the role. They started creating in-depth case studies and whitepapers that would showcase CBD Nationwide products.

“One standout piece dove into a clinical study on our proprietary ingredient blend – it generated a flood of qualified leads and helped us forge relationships with key industry thought leaders,” Katie said. 

James Wilkinson, CEO and co-founder of Balance One Supplements, worked with a registered dietician who had a robust social media following, including health professionals. As an influencer for Balance One, she produced a series of educational videos and blog posts.

“These co-created pieces landed with her audience because they came from someone they trust,” Wilkinson said. “The real secret is finding the right influencer.”

How to Find B2B Influencers and Get Results

Kait Shiels, Founder and Managing Director of Spark Social Agency recommends looking to the leaders in your industry or niche. “The expertise and authority of the influencer cannot be understated; they should be seen as thought leaders in their field, whether that be through professional experience, education or the content they produce.”

Since B2B decisions are more data driven, you want someone who can understand and communicate using data. 

Our experts offered some tips for how to get the best results once you’ve found the right influencer.

  • Clarify your goals – “Clearly define what you want to achieve with your influencer marketing campaign. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or promoting a specific product, having clear goals will help you choose influencers who can genuinely contribute to these objectives.” –  Kait Shiels,  Founder & Managing Director of Spark Social Agency 
  • Treat it as a partnership, not a transaction – “Treat influencer partnerships as long-term, mutually beneficial relationships rather than one-off transactions.” – Gauri Manglik CEO and Co-Founder and Instrumentl.
  • Offer creative freedom – “Don’t treat them as mouthpieces for your brand messaging. Look for influencers who genuinely believe in your solution and align with your target customers.” – Dmitriy Bobriakov, Marketing Manager at RealEstateU

The biggest lesson Kait learned is this: “B2B influencer marketing is a constant learning process. It’s not about chasing vanity metrics – it’s about continuously showing up, providing real value, and earning trust through every interaction. That’s the foundation of partnerships that truly move the needle.”

Of course, great content helps too. For help creating quality video content, contact the video experts at IdeaRocket. From healthcare and medical animations to software explainer videos, we have the skills to develop videos for your influencers or your brand. Contact us today to learn more.

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