Friday Roundup: Animation Advice: The Story Isn’t About You

How does animation help tell a great story? Is it with slick CGI and stunning visual effects? Do you embrace VR and immerse your viewer in a futuristic experience? Or is it with attention to detail that embraces traditional hand-drawn animation or painstaking stop motion animation? The answer is, “Sure.” But only if you tell…

whiteboard animation

8 Surprising Ways to Use Whiteboard Animation

Discover the many surprising uses of whiteboard animation. Everything from TED Talks, music videos, book promos, tv spots, and more.

By Robbie Sproule from Montreal, Canada ( - image description page) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Looped Animation: 2016 Yule Log Compendium

For many years WPIX, and independent TV station in New York, would broadcast a yule log just before Christmas. It was a log burning on a fireplace, Christmas music… and nothing else. For hours. Of course, this minimalist approach to television was widely admired at the time and is fondly remembered by many. That “many”…


On Mindfulness and Business

Last week on Founder’s Journal I wrote about Attentional Hygiene. Whenever you talk about focusing your attention, the practice of mindfulness is just a short skip away, so this week we’ll tackle the bigger subject head on. When you look at Google Trends, mentions of mindfulness have increased by a factor of around 8x over…