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12 Explainer Video Examples To Inspire Your Next Project

Explainer videos have become a necessary asset for many companies, especially those who may have a complex story to tell. Explainer videos can turn big ideas into bite-size pieces, and boil complex processes down into simple steps. When done right, they can also capture the essence of your brand in a unique, yet professional, manner.

We’ve been in the business of creating explainer videos for more than a decade.  Everyone, from B2B startups, to B2C brands, has a story to tell. And we’ve discovered that no matter what style of explainer video you choose, there are a few key themes that tie them all together.

What Makes A Great Explainer Video?

  • A compelling, customer-driven story
  • Attractive design
  • Good sound design/music
  • Dynamic animation, with fluid transitions
  • Engaging voiceover

Here are some of our favorite explainer video examples to spark your imagination:

What Using Feels Like

Let’s kick this list off with an explainer video that’s brand new., a project management SaaS, debuted the video on YouTube in May, and it’s already taken off with more than 4 million views.’s video blends live action with stop-motion animation to tell their story. It’s simple, relatable, and roughly 30 seconds – proving that short video can definitely be sweet (and a perfect pre-roll ad, too!)


If you’re not one of the 13 million people who’ve seen this video already — buckle up, because you’re in for a treat. In 2013, Virgin America decided to transform their traditional in-flight safety video into a full-fledged music video, complete with breakdancing, catchy beats, and plenty of helpful information. This isn’t your average explainer (the budget was big, and had help from Virgin’s entertainment brand). But Virgin America thought outside of the box, and that’s why this video really took off.

Keep It Simple

This animated video from financial services company blends 3D animation with whiteboard technique to create a sleek explainer with a modern feel. It’s also shot in a linear motion, which makes the viewer feel like they’re coming along for the ride — a simple touch that brings the viewer into the story naturally. In short, they kept it simple.



We had some fun combining live action, animation, and motion graphics to tell the story of Mariott’s digital transformation in the hospitality industry. A combination of high-tech imagery and travel blend the two themes together, staying true to Marriott’s brand values, and showcasing their mission.


How To Use A Raw Egg To Determine Your Mattress Is Awful

Purple, a direct-to-consumer mattress company, is known for their collection of engaging marketing videos. What we like about this explainer video is that it takes the traditional Goldilocks narrative and transforms it into a sassy, relatable tutorial about the quality of a Purple mattress. It’s also a great example of combining graphics and stop motion with live action to help add more depth.


What Is AI?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic — but also one that’s fairly difficult to truly understand when you break it down to nuts and bolts. This six-minute animated explainer video breaks down the history of artificial intelligence, how it’s viewed in pop culture, and how it really works in applied technology. Though a longer piece, it covers AI at every angle, making it approachable for anyone who’s watching.


Ask More Of Your Phone

Have a question about the new Pixel 2? Well, Google’s got an answer. This explainer video makes the customer the hero by putting them front and center. The narrative is simply a laundry list of real questions a person would ask about using their phone, shot in real-life situations. Add a bit of whimsy, and you have yourself a hit.


Back To The Start

Sometimes, explainer videos don’t need a voiceover to be powerful. And it’s hard not to get chills watching Chipotle’s “Back to the Start,” an animated short film that tells the story of Chipotle’s brand values and dedication to organic farming. The film is set to an acoustic version of Coldplay’s “The Scientist,” performed by Willie Nelson, which sets the tone for the entire video.



This video comes from us at IdeaRocket! Smooth animation gives it a modernist feel that fits Scandis’s brand perfectly. On top of that, the voiceover floats over a smooth jazz track to tell the viewer everything they need to know. This video won an AI-AP International Motion Art Award.


Don’t Be A Pitch

This may be the anti-explainer video of explainer videos — and a hilarious one at that. Celery, a croudfunding platform, pokes fun at traditional explainer video narratives (and voiceovers) to get their point across.

Amazon Go

How do you teach someone a new way to shop for groceries? When Amazon Go opened its doors in Seattle earlier this year, that was their problem. The entire store is powered by digital devices — consumers simply check-in, pay, and go — just by using an app on their phone. Amazon’s explainer video walks viewers through a real shopping experience, putting them in the moment, so they can understand what to expect when visiting the location.


When this video released in 2009, Dropbox was a relatively unknown company. Since then, the company has grown to over half a billion users. While this tremendous growth can’t be entirely attributed to the video, it’s unique visual style, and great metaphor do a fantastic job of explaining the value Dropbox provides.


Panorama9’s IT Man shows off some serious old-school cool. The video’s 8-bit pixel animation makes you feel more like you’re in a video game than watching an explainer video. It’s an engaging environment that draws viewers in — and keeps them there.

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