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Carolina Mendez

An Artist of Many Talents: Meet Caro

The team of animators, designers, and storytellers at IdeaRocket includes many talented people with a passion for their craft, but Motion and Art Director Carolina “Caro” Mendez Ferro brings something special to the team. 

“She can design, she can illustrate, she can animate,” said IdeaRocket Founder William Gadea. “You see talented designers, rarely. You see talented animators, rarely. You see talented storytellers, rarely. But I think in my career I’ve probably worked with only one or two people who can do all three at once.”

Where does that diversity of talent come from? It’s hard to say for sure, but Caro’s curiosity and all-in approach to life might be part of the secret. 

Realizing a Childhood Dream

Caro grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she drew and painted from a young age. She knew she wanted to turn the arts into a career but wasn’t sure exactly what that would look like.  Like many kids, she grew up grew watching the Lion King and the Little Mermaid. 

“I knew I wanted to do what the guys at Disney did,” she said.

After studying fashion design at Universidad de Buenos Aires and graphic design at the Universidad de Palermo she turned that dream into a reality. For six years she worked for Disney Interactive Worlds as a graphic designer. One of her major assignments was Club Penguin, the massively multiplayer online space that provided a virtual world of games and activities for kids. 

“When you’re not a part of Disney everything about it is super magical,” she said. Looking behind the curtain gave her a new perspective on the studio. She learned a lot from her coworkers and soon added other major studios to her resume. She became a motion graphics Designer for Fox International Channels, then NBC Universal, and then Nickelodeon. 

Joining the IdeaRocket Family

When Will set out to create the IdeaRocket production studio in Buenos Aires, he was looking for the most talented artists, designers, and storytellers he could find. When he discovered Caro’s portfolio, he knew he’d found someone with skill.

He offered her the job just over two years ago, and she’s been helping to launch client’s messages into orbit ever since.

“I love the team,” Caro says. “We built this small family where we all trust each other blindly. It’s amazing to work with people that you feel so comfortable with.” 

Technology makes it easier for the U.S. and Buenos Aires teams to collaborate. “We’ve learned that whenever we have something to discuss, it’s better to get on Zoom and have a meeting rather than writing it out in chat. It’s easier to speak and explain what you want to,” she said. 

She finds that the work allows her to practice a range of skills. “It’s different from working for TV, where you’re doing the same thing all the time.”

IdeaRocket’s clients challenge her to work on a diverse set of videos that require many different techniques. A typical week might include 2D animation projects, 3D character designs, and even projects that mix techniques. Caro and the team are always pushing to find new ways to combine their skills. 

“We learn something from every project, and every team we work with, and every technique we use,” Caro says. “It’s constant growth all the time.” 

She believes that every project is special. “The videos are like our little children. You love all of them.”

Expert at Everything

Ask Caro about her hobbies and she’ll rattle off a list that would exhaust most people. She loves to cook and play sports. She plays several instruments. And while she insists she doesn’t play any of them well, her band might beg to differ. She’s also sung for most of her life, speaks both English and Spanish fluently, and spends whatever free time she has left seeking out the best art on the internet. 

“My life isn’t enough for me,” Caro says. “It’s like I don’t have enough time to do all the things that I want.” 

That endless curiosity spills over into her work. It may be part of what makes her such a multi-talented designer and animator. 

“She’s next level,” says Producer SaraJane Askildsen. “There are a lot of people who sell themselves as generalists, but she’s just an expert at everything.” 

Apply that Expertise to Your Message

Caro is just one of the multi-talented designers on the IdeaRocket team. If you want to apply her curiosity and talent to your project, contact IdeaRocket today

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