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examples of press to play videos

Introducing Press to Play: A Pre-Designed Animation Studio

You know that video can help brands stand out, connect with audiences, and meet marketing goals. You also know that premium-quality animation comes at a premium cost. We see your dilemma and we want to help. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Press to Play, an IdeaRocket sub-brand offering pre-designed elements that we remix and customize into attainable, high-quality animated and live-action videos. 

Why We Started Press to Play

At IdeaRocket, we have spent more than 13 years creating videos for some of the world’s greatest brands. We’ve seen the power of animation to tell stories, simplify concepts, and keep audiences engaged. But creating premium-quality animation from scratch takes time, and many brands simply can’t afford to work with us.

“We noticed that some of our partners didn’t always have the budget for custom-designed animation. And often they didn’t need custom-designed animation. But they still had an appetite for video,” said IdeaRocket Founder and Creative Director, William Gadea.

We started looking for ways to make affordable videos without sacrificing quality. The solution was a library of design elements that brands could choose from to create their custom video.

The Pre-Designed Animation (and Live Action) Library 

We’re launching with three libraries in place, and will be adding more as we go along: 

  • Wavy Junction is a friendly, approachable animation style featuring the long-leg, wavy-limbed characters that have become so popular in recent years. 
  • Toonville is a more down-to-earth style that uses more realistic proportions to avoid cartoony stylization but keep things fun.
  • Stockton offers stock footage brought together by motion graphics, color grading, voiceover, music, and, of course, story to create a cohesive video.
examples of the three video styles: Stockton, ToonVille, and Wavy

Each style library comes with a range of customization options to help tell your story and match your brand. 

The designs in our libraries are created by the same animators and designers who work on custom IdeaRocket projects. They bring their unique style and creativity to every library, and work with you to bring your project to life. 

How Press To Play Works

Every video follows our simple six-step process to ensure you get the best quality video at the most affordable price. Here’s how it works. 

Step 1: Discovery – Tell us about your brand and your goals for the video

Step 2: Choose a look – select a style from our design library to fit your brand.

Step 3: Scriptwriting – We craft a story to share your message, or we can start with a text you’ve already written.

Step 4: Animatic – You get a glimpse of the characters in the scenes, but they won’t be moving yet. 

Step 5: Final animation – Our expert animators bring your script to life using the style and elements you’ve chosen. 

Step 6: Sound design and mix – We add sound effects and music to finalize your video. 

Optional Bonus Step: We can help you buy paid placement for your video on social media. Ask us how.

By the end of this process, you’ll have a high-quality video that tells your story and matches your brand style. Use it on social media, your website, in out-of-home settings or anywhere else you want to catch the attention of your ideal audience. 

As an added bonus, if you don’t feel our choices quite fit the bill for you, and if you are okay with having your video elements used by other companies, we can provide you with customized characters for an additional charge that still comes out less expensive than our usual fully customized offering.

But how much does it cost? 

Most brands would choose custom, premium-quality animation if they could. When that’s not an option, budget is usually the limiting factor. We offer a clear time-based pricing menu so you know exactly how much your video will cost before you start. 

With prices starting at just $3,000 for 0-30 seconds of video, you won’t find this blend of quality and affordability anywhere else. 

“So far our pilot clients have responded really well to the offering. I think there’s a sense of comfort in knowing what the video will look like,” Gadea said.

If you still need premium-quality, fully customized videos, IdeaRocket is still here to help you. For everyone else, there’s Press to Play. Visit the Press to Play website to learn more or contact our team. 

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