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Steal This Script: Free Video Script Template Download

Shawn 07.31.2017

Staring at a blank page is awful. Trying to cram all the great features of your product or service into a 60-second video, complete with captivating images and smooth animation is even worse. That’s why we’ve taken some of the work out of the animated video production process by giving you our very own, easy to use, free download of our A/V script template to help you get the ball rolling on your next video project. No, seriously, steal our script template. We want you to.

Every great video starts with a great script, and we want to get yours started right. It’s easy to get lost in all the different video styles available – 2D character animation, 3D, CGI, RSA-style whiteboard animation, and even augmented reality and VR– but none of that matters if you can’t get your message across with a clear script. A good video script keeps you on brand and pointed at your video marketing objectives and goals, and the best part about a great script is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Your next great video can start with these two simple columns.

Download this simple, easy-to-use, free script template and do the most important thing for your next big idea—get started. Here are a few script writing tips to help you begin.


free script template

The Message Comes First

No matter what you’re selling, pitching, or explaining, every video script stars in that left column up above. Before you shoot the scene or animate any action, you have to say what you want to say. The visuals and narrative will come during the storyboarding process, but for now, focus on the message.

A great way to fill that first audio box in the template is to ask yourself, “What do I want viewers to learn when they watch this video?” Then answer that question in one sentence. Seriously, try it right now. One sentence. Good. Now break that idea into a few smaller parts, and you’re on your way to a great explainer video.

Speak to Your Audience

The language you use in your script is important. Every video is targeted at a certain audience, so make this video for your audience. It really is that simple. Define your ideal viewer with descriptive factors like age, income, location, job, habits, hobbies, and more. As your picture of your custom audience comes into focus, shape your dialogue and voiceover to sound like a member of this peer group.

If your video is for corporate lawyers, use legal terms and jargon. If your video promotes a foodie-centric dating app, describe the user experience like the main course of a feast. A video marketing tool requires a different script than an internal safety video. Pay attention to your word choice, tone, and dialogue. Your script shouldn’t pander to your target audience, but you should always speak in terms they can understand. Every script starts with the viewer. Speak to yours.

Writing is Scary

Spoiler alert: You will not write the perfect script on your first try, because you there is no such thing as the “perfect script.” This script template will go through a dozen revisions before you animate or shoot the first frame—and that’s ok. Just open up this template, bang the keys, and keep an eye out for any good images, story-lines, or metaphors that suit your brand and explain your product. Just start writing and edit later. Heck, some great explainer videos don’t even need any voiceover, so your script writing job just got a little easier.

free script download

As more people watch video on mobile devices, on-screen text and clear animation are becoming the go-to ways to “show” your customers what you’re all about. Use the left column of this script template to write on-screen text, and let that stripped down script guide the pacing and narrative of the production. A few short lines of text or dialogue can define your message, your brand, your CTA, and really bring the whole video into focus in just a matter of seconds.

Script writing is the fun part of video production. It’s where your ideas can roam free, so get to it! And if you get stuck, just remember this script only has two columns. How hard can it be to fill out a script template with just two columns? First drafts are supposed to be a little off, so stop worrying about it and get writing.

It’s OK to be Cliché

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel—this script doesn’t have to win any awards. Your explainer video just needs to communicate to and engage with your target audience. Cliche images—like how a light bulb means “idea”—are around for a reason. They work. A 15-second video doesn’t have a lot of time to get the point across. Reflect that urgency with images that come pre-loaded with meaning. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth millions.

video is worth 1.8 million words infographic

This script template is a first draft tool to get you started. Treat it that way. Get every single cliche image out of your head and onto the page so you can see them all side by side. Maybe you’ll find a few that are the right way to get your message across in a clear, compelling concise way. Once you do, you’re halfway to a great video that gets results.

Write First. Edit Later.

This script template is short for a reason. A one page script roughly translates into a 60-second (or less) animated video, and that’s about the length your animated explainer video should aim for. However, your first draft won’t be a nice, tight, one-page script. It might not even be two pages. And that’s ok. First drafts are supposed to be long.

video script

Use full sentences when you write the first draft of your script. Be as descriptive as you can. Set the scene. Create rich characters. Make up silly adverbs like “shimmeringly” to describe the action taking place in the video—you can look up better words later. Flesh out every detail you can think of. Don’t edit, just type. You’ll be surprised with what you end up with. If you try to skip past the awkward initial brainstorming phase, the final video will suffer. When you’ve filled out every action, then you edit.

It’s easier (and way faster) to trim a fully formed idea once you have everything on the page, than it is to perfect individual portions of a script during the first draft. Trust me. Silence your internal editor and just type. That’s how the best scripts are written.

Free Script Template Download

You can do this. Use this free script template, tell your story, and make your video. If you made it this far and you like downloading free resources, you’ll love our free eBook, How to Succeed with Animated Video. Take your business to the next step with video marketing tips, ROI tools, and other tactics to make your animated explainer video the new engine of your inbound lead strategy.


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