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6 Ways To Promote Your Explainer Video

Shawn Forno 08.29.2017

People want to watch video. We search for videos to help make purchasing decisions, we watch reviews, and according to Cisco, “video content will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by the end of 2017.” A great video is simply the best way to get more eyeballs on your site.

The right explainer video can launch your next big product, explain complicated but game-changing new features, and let everyone of your existing customers and thousands of new prospects know that something new is coming, and it’s awesome. But a great video only works if you know how to get the word out. So to help you promote your next big thing, here are six ways to promote your explainer video in your next video marketing campaign.

1. Email Outreach: Video Links

Like many other companies, we create a monthly newsletter full of helpful content, client success stories, and video marketing tips and info for our thousands of entrepreneurs, creative directors, clients, and prospects. A monthly newsletter is the perfect place for your video, because as flashy as all the social media accounts are, everyone still uses email. Everyday. Seriously, just adding the word “video” in an email subject line “boosted open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduced unsubscribers by 26%,” according to Animoto.

Hubspot absolutely nailed email marketing with their video featuring CMO, Mike Volpe dodging sales calls. The video is personable and funny, and while it’s not a traditional explainer video, it illustrates the strength and intelligence of their product. Adding this video to their email outreach campaign increased CTR – the only real metric in email marketing – from the industry standard 2.4% to over 16%.

That’s a 583% increase.

How to Create Video Links in Email Newsletters

We use Mailchimp (a basic account is free), to create our newsletters because they feature embedded video content. Most email services will strip any video code from your campaign (that long string of numbers at the end of a video link). However Mailchimp lets you add video to your email blasts in three simple ways:

video promotion ideas

  1. Auto-Convert Video: Not tech savvy? Let Mailchimp do the heavy lifting for you. In the Setup stage of the Campaign Builder, select “Auto-convert video” under More options. Mailchimp converts the embedded video code into a thumbnail image with a hidden link that redirects any clicks to the URL of your video (hopefully on your home page!)
  2. Link an Image: Just like the auto-convert feature, you can link any image in your email newsletter to video content on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or your homepage. Just edit the image with the url of your choice.
  3. Insert a Video Content Block: Select the Video Content block from the template builder and paste the video url. Mailchimp will automatically create a video thumbnail and a link to the video. Note: The Video Content Block only works with YouTube and Vimeo links. If you host elsewhere, you need to auto-convert or link to an image.

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2. Pin Your Video to Your Twitter Feed

Twitter isn’t just a place for 140 characters of nonsense. It’s also a great place to show off your video. Optimize your tweet with a great video thumbnail, relevant hashtags, and just the right description, then pin that tweet to the top of your feed. Now every single time someone visits your profile, they’ll see (and likely click) on your prominent video link. You’ve just created another valuable inbound lead generation channel for free.

Buffer played with different options for pinning tweets to their feeds, and found a 10x boost in engagement rates from pinned tweets vs. regular tweets.

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How to Pin a Video to Your Profile on Twitter

Pinning a video to your profile is simple:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Find the tweet you want to pin (you have to tweet it out before you can pin it)
  3. Click the three-dot icon that appears at the bottom of the tweet, next to the favorites count.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select “Pin to your profile page.”

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The best part about a pinned video tweet is that you can use this like a digital business card. You don’t have to exhaust yourself explaining everything about your company at your next mixer or networking event. Simply give people your info (with your @Twitter name), and say, “There’s a video on my profile that explains it all.” In one quick step you’ve given them a next step to take that gets them into your lead funnel, provides them with info, and saves you both time. It’s a win-win.

3. Online Communities: Video on Quora

People use the internet to find answers to problems. One of the most popular ways to get answers to your questions is by visiting Q&A sites like Quora. Search Quora for relevant keywords that have to do with your business and jump in! Answer people’s questions with simple direct responses, but make sure to include a video link in your response.

Quora allows video links in responses (they encourage it), so make your answer stand out. A popular Quora response featuring your video (with a lot of upvotes) will drive a surprising amount of traffic to your site. Here’s an example of one of our answers:

video marketing ideas

Facebook Video Promotion

We’ve written about how to get the most from Facebook with video, but it’s worth mentioning again here. Optimize your video for Facebook’s social news feed and link to your home page. For just pennies per click, you can target your explainer video to custom built audiences and drive new prospects directly to your homepage, email sign-up landing page or even your online store.

Facebook Video Best Practices

4. Video Press Release

Press releases aren’t slick sexy marketing, but they really work. Is your product at all newsworthy? Is there a time-sensitive element to your newest app update or seasonal sales push? If so, there is a newspaper, blog, or message board that is dying to share your video content.

I’ve written dozens of press releases for lots of different companies, and I can tell you that a video link in a press release is truly exceptional. Journalists typically have a full load of articles due every single day—often times before lunch! So when a press release packed with timely information and a video comes across their plates, they’re thrilled to include it in the next issue, edition, or update on their site.

Attach a link to your video at the top of the press release, and include a thumbnail to entice them further. Then send your explainer video into the press release ecosystem for the bloggers, and reporters to watch, link, and share. Link to this subsequent press and use that to further promote your brand. Create a press page on your site to show your authority, and keep the brand recognition treadmill turning.

A video press release will instantly set your company apart from the same old tired PR. A study by Dan Zarrella shows that PR with embedded video increases engagement by 55%. Any engagement boost is great, but the right media pickup can dramatically affect your SEO.

FlyKly–an electric hybrid bicycle design company–made an explainer video that grabbed HuffPo’s attention. The resulting media exposure lead to amazing visibility in an emerging field, and launched a company that’s still making top-end electric transportation solutions today.

5. Raise Money With Video: Kickstarter Is Video

The #1 reason to make an explainer video is to grow your business. Period. Yet ironically most startups don’t budget for quality video because they’re busy raising capital, improving SEO, attracting inbound leads, and increasing conversions. A well-made explainer video does all that for you. Even better, a great explainer video passively creates value, leaving you free to focus on staffing, optimizing performance, and coming up with the next next big thing.

Returning to FlyKly for a second. They set out with an ambitious goal:

To raise $100,000.

They made a great explainer video and put it up on Kickstarter and raised over $700,000. And they’re not the only ones to crush their funding goals with a simple video highlighting their product. Far from it.

Pebble Time smartwatch raised over $20 million with just this one explainer video. That’s 4067% of what they were asking for. And they’re back with a new edition, and a new video:

If you think that maybe your product or service isn’t as slick or hip as a smartwatch, and an explainer video might not be right for you, maybe this will change your mind. This cooler raised over $13 million with their own simple explainer video. $13 million dollars. For a cooler. That’s more than 26,000x what they were hoping for. Talk about the power of video.

6. Video Marketing at Live Events

We get so caught up in SEO and online optimization that it’s easy to forget that your explainer video can exist in the real world. Bring your explainer video to your next event or conference. Set up a screen to loop your explainer and watch as it draws in lead after lead, leaving you with enough time (and energy) to actually pitch the details of your company to interested prospects. For a full guide to using explainer video at live events, conferences, and expos, read our complete guide to video in the real world.

People want online video. A great explainer video is helpful, easy to watch, and adds value to search queries. Don’t be shy about promoting your video. Put your video on every social media account, Facebook group, online community, and email newsletter you can, and watch as video sets you apart from your competitors. Take the next step in your video marketing plan with a great explainer video. You’ll be glad you did.

For more tips and advice on how to succeed with online video, download our free eBook.

Shawn Forno

Shawn Forno is a massive Studio Ghibli fan who does content marketing. In that order. Find his other writing and extensive travel blogging here.

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