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How To Use Recruiting Videos To Support Employer Branding

Modern job seekers are discerning. They do their research, read company review sites like Glassdoor, and watch what companies are doing on social media. This means companies must take special care to portray a positive image to candidates through job postings, social media, and recruiting videos. 

This image awareness is known as employer branding. Just as companies have brands to help set their products and services apart from the competition, employer branding can attract potential employees. 

What Is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is the practice of using content to promote your company as an optimal place to work. Recruiting and HR teams use content to engage with employees and candidates. 

Candidates use their experience during the hiring process to evaluate a company. A survey of employees found that their candidate experience during the job search influenced 81%  of employees in their decision to take the role. 

Recruiting videos can play a big role in improving the candidate experience. Studies show that job posts get 36 percent more applications if they’re accompanied by a video. With clear messaging and captions, videos can make your organization more attractive to potential employees. 

The right video at the right time can help candidates understand the organization, its values, and what to expect throughout the process.

When approaching this type of video, think about the needs of your audience and what they want to know about your company. Here are three ways videos can help organizations recruit and engage top talent. 

1. Clearly Define the Brand and Mission

Today’s job seekers are looking for brands that value the same things they do. One glassdoor survey found that 79% of candidates consider the mission and purpose of a company before they choose to apply. 

Use video to educate job seekers on the driving force behind your organization, and your plans to grow. You may want to trace the history (and future) of your company mission using animated video, or showcase ways employees make a difference, through volunteering, group events, and outreach. 

2. Showcase Company Culture

Company culture goes hand in hand with your brand mission. Organizations with positive cultures tend to have happier and more effective employees. Unsurprisingly, a good culture fit can help attract candidates. 

Put your company culture front and center by giving candidates a glimpse of what it’s really like to work for your company before they even step into your office. You may even want to include testimonials from employees or members of your leadership to offer deeper perspective.

At IdeaRocket, we worked with gTeam to help explain their remote-work culture through animation:

3. Highlight Achievements

A video highlight reel of your recent accomplishments, projects or accolades can help get potential employees excited about joining your team.

If you’re looking for a live-action approach, check out this inspiring company culture video Zappos created in partnership with Wistia. We like it because the story is authentic, and it takes you right into what it’s like to be a part of the “Zappos Family.”

Use RecruitingVideos to Explain The Interview Process

According to CareerBuilder, more than half of all job candidates want to know what to expect from the interview process before they even apply to a position. When expectations are clear, candidates will feel more prepared, which leads to better interviews that really give you a sense of who the candidate is. 

Creating videos to help candidates prepare for interviews can also help make the whole process more accessible to neurodiverse candidates. They alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty that comes from not knowing what to expect. These videos can easily be added to follow-up or scheduling emails. 

Strong interview process videos include information about:

  • How long the interview process takes
  • A basic outline of what to expect during the interview
  • What materials candidate need to bring
  • Background information and other company resources

A video orienting candidate to your process can be especially helpful if your company uses any special software to facilitate interviews. Orienting candidates to this software ahead of time minimizes the likelihood of technical issues during the interview. 

Recruiting Videos Can Share Employer Branding on Social Media

Social media has become ubiquitous. Employers use it to communicate with customers and potential employers, while job seekers use it to learn about companies they’re considering. Candidates are more likely to respond favorably to a company that has a well-defined employer brand. Video is one of the most powerful ways to connect with audiences on social media while conveying the voice of your brand. 

When Airlines for America needed to meet a talent shortage in the airline industry, they didn’t just buy a Super Bowl commercial. They also shared that video across social media and other digital platforms.  

LinkedIn, one of the biggest social media platforms for recruiters and job seekers, offers opportunities to share recruiting videos and job ads

Make RecruitingVideos Part of Your Hiring Process

In today’s candidate-driven hiring world, companies need to go above and beyond to stand ahead of their competitors. Tapping into video can help companies shine, and make the interview process easier for job seekers. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Once you’ve made your next great hire, the next step is keeping them, and video can help with that too. Consider how you might use video for employee training, career development, change management, employee appreciation and more. 

Of course, creating an exceptional recruiting video that conveys your brand is easier said than done. For help, reach out to the video experts at IdeaRocket. We’ve helped companies create animated and live action videos for recruiting and HR as well as animations to support DEI campaigns and employee retention. Contact us today

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