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How Video Lead Generation Helps Grow Your Customer List

Video lead generation can help you bring in more customers. The engagement and awareness capacities of video make it an ideal solution for almost any brand. Using video turns visitors into leads by building trust and sharing information in an entertaining way. 

Because there are so many definitions of a “lead” out there, let’s agree on what we mean by the term. A lead is anyone who has engaged with your brand in some way and is ready to learn more, or even make a purchase. 

We won’t waste time explaining why B2B lead generation is important. You know that your brand needs leads to reach its sales or service goals. Let’s jump right to how video supports lead generation. 

Benefits of Video Lead Generation

Three properties of video make it a uniquely powerful medium for B2B lead generation: 

  • Video increases awareness – Because videos are easy to engage with and widely shared, they increase awareness of your brand.
  • Video enhances information retention – The combination of visuals, sound, and movement makes information easier to remember. That’s ideal for busy decision makers.
  • Video builds trust – When people understand your offering and engage with the story you’re telling, they’re more likely to trust your brand.

There are other ways to generate leads, but video is one of the most effective. In fact, 90% of marketers say video marketing has helped them generate leads. Even more say it helps increase user understanding of their product or service and has helped boost brand awareness. 

That means video doesn’t just deliver leads, it delivers informed leads who understand your offering. It’s a lot easier to convert someone who already has the information they need to make a decision about your brand.

How to Turn Viewers Into Leads – CTA Power

Watching your video doesn’t automatically transform a viewer into a lead. That only happens when viewers provide their contact information. Most often this will be an email address, but it could be a phone number or even a mailing address. 

You convince viewers to share this information by including a compelling call to action. Tell viewers exactly what you want them to do next and how. For example, you might ask them to fill out a form, scan a QR code, or send a text.

Some video players, like Brightcove or Wistia allow you to embed your own lead gen forms directly into the video, so you can capture leads as part of the viewing experience.

For middle or lower-funnel leads you might even place a lead gen form at the start of your video. This works well for in-depth “how-to” explainer videos, webinars, and walkthrough demos that provide more detailed information about your product or service. 

Why Invest in Organic Lead Generation

Keep in mind that the goal is not simply to get as many contacts  as possible. If that were the case, brands would just buy leads. We don’t recommend that practice. Purchased leads don’t have the same brand awareness and trust. In most cases, buying a lead list isn’t much better than cold emailing. 

A video starts a conversation. It allows viewers to opt-in to a relationship with your brand. They come into the relationship already knowing about your brand and what you can do for them. Then, you can deepen the relationship with additional videos and conversations.

Lead Nurturing with Video

Generating leads is just the first step. Next, you need to nurture leads through conversion and beyond. This is especially important in Software-as-a-Service or other B2B industries, where the sales process can be long. The right video at the right time can help you maintain a connection with the lead.

Consider what additional information a lead might need to feel comfortable making a purchase. Thai could include how-to videos, testimonials, or deeper dives into specific parts of your offering. You can nurture leads by sending video through email, text, or members-only sections of your website. 

Types of Lead Generation Videos

Different types of lead generation videos are useful at various stages of the process. Consider where your audience is in the sales process and tailor your message and CTA.

  1. Explainer Video – great for attracting visitors and increasing awareness.
  1. Testimonials – Ideal for building trust with potential and current leads.
  1. Product Guides – Useful for lead nurturing. May help prospective leads understand offerings.
  1. How-to Videos – Also ideal for lead nurturing. Shows customers how your product or service directly impacts them.

Each video should work toward a goal. Goals could include converting a viewer into a lead, building trust, or informing the lead about a product or feature. 

Ways to Use Lead Generation Video

Brands can use lead generation videos almost anywhere potential leads are likely to be. This could include: 

Landing Pages

Visitors who have made it all the way to your landing page are usually lower in the sales funnel. The CTA on your landing page video is the perfect place to ask for customer contact information. Experiment with whether a voiceover, text, embedded form or clickable card gets the best results. 

Lead Generation on Social Media

You’ll see the best results if you tailor the style and length of the video to each platform. Most require a vertical video format. You may post organically or invest in social media advertising. A mix of both approaches is likely to yield the best results. 

YouTube Ads

Advertising on YouTube is an effective way to increase awareness and potentially generate some new leads. Whichever YouTube ad types to choose remember to add a clickable call-to-action. Usually you’ll want to take users directly to your landing page, which may include another relevant video that builds on the ad they just saw.

TV Commercials

Streaming and broadcast TV commercials may seem more like awareness strategies than lead generation tools. However, sharing short links or QR codes can help turn those viewers into leads. Explore retargeting options for streaming video viewers as well. 

Out of Home Advertising

The right call to action can turn out of home video advertising into a lead generation tool. Make it as easy as possible for viewers to take action with QR codes and short links. 


Email is an ideal lead nurturing strategy. Once a customer has opted in to hearing from your brand, you can keep them engaged by sending videos or links to videos. 

Using Video for Lead Scoring

A marketing automation platform like Hubspot or Marketo can help you use video for lead scoring. Lead scoring assigns a value to each prospect so that your sales team can prioritize contacting the leads that are most likely to convert. 

That number is based on how the user engaged with your video. A viewer who only watched the first 30 seconds of a 2-minute video is probably less engaged than the one who watched the whole thing and forwarded it to a friend. 

Visibility of metrics – like percentage of video played and number of plays – tell you more about a prospect’s interest than a simpler metric like email open rates.

Using video for B2B lead generation is a winning strategy. All you need is a good game plan, and the content to match. Reach out to learn how IdeaRocket can help you create a video that turns viewers into customers.

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