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woman adjusting cell phone on tall tripod for vertical video recording

7 Vertical Video Tips to Benefit Your Social Media Marketing

If your business is looking to reach customers with social media, vertical video is a format you just can’t ignore. Getting vertical right can help you stand out on crowded social media networks like TikTok, Instagram stories and Reels. That’s why we’ve collected the vertical video tips to enhance your social media marketing. 

Vertical video is becoming the visual storytelling standard, for good reason. More than 75 percent of video consumed worldwide is watched on a mobile device, according to eMarketer. And ScientiaMobile found that smartphone users hold their phones vertically 94 percent of the time.

If you’re creating a social media marketing strategy, it’s time to go vertical. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have all created new video experiences that prioritize the format. You may already know the basics of vertical video production, but these quick tips can take your content to the next level.

Why Vertical Video Tips Matter Now

Vertical video is also known as portrait mode. Just like your standard school portrait, it’s taller than it is wide. On most platforms 9:16 is the standard vertical aspect ratio.

Matt Erickson, marketing director at National Positions, says that in most cases, simply cropping or repurposing horizontal video just isn’t enough. 

“We have seen far more success when we build alternate vertical versions of videos, taking the taller aspect ratio into account. Otherwise, the cropping of your video can be off and it won’t fit into the frame correctly,” Erickson said. 

This is especially true when placing ads within social story feeds, which almost exclusively rely on vertical formats. 

“Anytime you are planning video ads that are for placement in social story feeds, vertical video will be your best friend,” Erickson said.

1. Get Personal With The Selfie Video

There’s a reason people love to take selfies. This front-facing camera angle is perfect for catching intimate, close-up moments.The selfie angle can be used by both B2B and B2C companies to build intimacy with viewers.

“Because of the layout, it is very personal, and comes across as authentic and intimate. This builds trust with viewers very quickly,”David Sanchez, CEO of Mammoth Web Solutions

A close up, vertical camera view can make it seem as though you’re speaking directly to one person. It makes viewers feel special, as though they’ve been personally invited into your video.

2. Speak Directly To The Camera

Speaking directly to the camera and sharing valuable advice creates a more personal experience for viewers. 

B2B companies might offer helpful tips from the Operations Manager, or hosting a relaxed fireside-chat style session with the CEO. Unlike many commercials, which give the illusion that the viewer is watching a scene unfold, vertical video often works best when you engage the viewer directly.

3. Create More Intimate How-to Videos

The tighter angle of a vertical video is ideal for how-to videos, because it allows viewers to focus on whatever it is you’re explaining. They can experience your products and services as if they’re sitting right next to you.

Makeup and lifestyle brands use this strategy to great effect. With a close shot of the presenter’s face or hands, viewers can see details. You can also add in other types of content like screenshots or live screen capture to show them how to use software tools. 

4. Give Your Viewers A Tour

Since vertical video is such a personal medium, you can leverage it to bring viewers into your space. Take customers on an engaging journey by offering them a tour of your office or business. 

If you hold the camera at eye-level, you give the viewers a first-person look at your space. You can also switch to selfie mode to offer commentary or insights. Try this at the next trade show or conference you attend.

5. Create Immersive Experiences

Social media is making it easier to connect with audiences directly in their feeds. Text, branded animated graphics, GIFs, and music allow you to create immersive experiences for viewers. 

The close perspective keeps the viewer tightly focused on what you have to say. And because vertical video is likely to fill the whole screen, there’s less to distract them from your message. 

You can use use text and graphics in ways that speak to your target audience, like Cole does in the video embedded below.

Remember to include a call to action that will drive traffic from your social media channels to your website.

6. Avoid Quick Pans And Sideways Movements

The narrower view means movement is exaggerated. Panning left or right can feel faster and more jarring. Unless you’re trying to achieve a fast-paced effect, keep your camera fairly stable while shooting vertical video. 

If you do need to pan left or right, do so slowly. Or better yet, use a transition to jump viewers directly to the next scene you’d like them to see.

7. Fill The Whole Space

If you’re more comfortable creating horizontal video, it can be hard to remember to think vertically. Make sure you fill the whole vertical screen. You don’t want a video with lots of space above the speaker’s head.

In the video below, notice how Cole fills the vertical space. His head shoulders and upper-torso are all visible in close-up shots. When the camera is further away it’s also positioned slightly lower than midline, to allow his whole body to fill the frame.

Filling the entire vertical frame adds visual interest, making your video feel rich and immediate.

Vertical Video Tips For The Future

Vertical video was long considered a taboo format for video production. Today, it’s pretty much the standard. Vertical video allows for new and creative ways to tell brand stories on social channels. 

There’s still room for horizontal video on some platforms, YouTube being the most obvious example. But if you only have the time or budget for one video, make sure it’s vertical. 

The video experts at IdeaRocket are here to help you create vertical video to grow your business and enhance your digital marketing. Contact us today.

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